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 Polarity Therapy 


 What is Polarity Therapy? 


A wide variety of Eastern and Western techniques were investigated, developed and combined by Dr Randolph Stone to create this broad-based therapy. Helping at emotional, physical and mental (thought) levels, I may not employ the same methods even though you see me several times! 

There is, for example,  polarity reflexology, that starts working with the feet, but then also works with other sensitive body points in a very 'joined-up' way.  Touch may be very light indeed (eg in polarity cranio-sacral work) or extremely strong when working deeply with certain muscles. Besides bodywork, we may work through polarity counseling and work with feelings, thoughts and emotions.  Recognition of the role of diet in supporting health or contributing to problems is very much part of the polarity approach. Exercises, particularly through polarity yoga, helps the body, at both the physical and energy-body levels.  One such exercise is the squat and its variations, which has many health benefits. I have a special page devoted to variations of polarity squatting exercises.


The treatments can be performed through loose, light clothing.



 Can you tell me more? 


Let me direct you to the website of the  UK Polarity Therapy Association  . The home page explains that:


 "Polarity Therapy addresses many different levels: subtle energy; nervous, musculo-skeletal, cardiovascular, myofascial, respiratory and digestive systems; as well as the emotional and mental levels. It tackles many varied and different expressions of disease by unlocking the holding patterns that create the symptoms.  Polarity Therapy is truly a complementary science. It recognises that energy has to move from a positive to a negative pole, through a neutral field - a concept which was applied by Dr Stone to the human constitution. This scientific 'law' is fundamental to the movement of energy throughout the Universe and the Earth around us: it manifests in our physical body as energetic currents...  "


More information is found on the website, just follow the link above.  Further articles.



Get more information from the website of Polarity Wellness, Gower, where I trained in the technique.  



 How long is a session and what does it cost?


A session usually lasts about an hour, though some sessions may be longer, and some shorter.   However the first session will be longer as I will need to take a detailed case history, so that I will best know how to treat you.   Please wear light, loose clothing, eg a T-shirt, short-sleeved blouse and lightweight cotton trousers. or shorts.  Please, no jeans or heavy trousers! 


Sessions usually are at my home, Touchwood, in Killay, Swansea.  Can you manage stairs okay? Touchwood's healing room is on the first floor, and the stairs are rather steep!  Ring me on 01792-522443 or e-mail me for an appointment.


My charge is between £20 and £30 per session.  What you pay within this bracket depends on your income,  Guidance: people on benefits pay £20, if you're in a well paid job  you'd be expected to pay the whole £30. 

You may pay by cash,  or cheque (preferred), making the cheque payable to ‘Touchwood’.



I trust you will find Touchwood complementary therapy sessions useful. Change needs your help too, and these sessions should support you through the processes.  You are in control at all times, you will not be expected to do anything you don't want to.  Data protection all information is treated in the strictest confidence.  Complementary therapy does not replace medical attention, so see your doctor when needed.  Although individual experiences vary, sometimes you may experience a strong emotional (or other) reaction.  Afterwards, be gentle with  yourself, and drink plenty of water. Please free to contact me if you need reassurance or support.


 Help yourself! Don't forget my page of  polarity squatting exercises.


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