Lots of unusual rare & cottage garden plants, (this lists just a few!!) TOUCHWOOD IS NOW TRADING FROM MY GORSEINON GARDEN not Killay!  As I am shielding I'm not doing plants by post (except small ones that will fit through a post box!) I'm on Facebook Marketplace for some of the current plants & seeds for sale and also see my new garden on  HINTS, It's easiest to browse these long tables of plants on a PC. Looking for particular plant? They should be in alphabetical order... or use the 'find' dialogue box (on a PC hit ctrl &f)

Plants by post suspended during my sheilding from Covid

Looking forward to meeting you when you visit Carrie's Garden and see what plants I have to tempt you for your garden. 

All grown 'hard' (no greenhouse here!). If one of my plants fails to thrive, please see me for help, advice or information. Thank you ~ Carrie ~ 



Baby seedlings, typically 4-5 in a pot, but may be 1-8 depending on the plant.

2022 prices still very low, 1 a pot, buy 5 get 1 pot free! Buy early and get full choice, buy later and get larger plantlets!


Aquilegias     Hi Carrie - Just to let you know along with all the other testimonials you appear to have received I would like to add mine. I am delighted with the plants I have purchased from you and following your instructions they are all growing away really well. It doesn't take a minute to let someone know how pleased you are and you readily deserve it! Please add me to your mailing list. Mrs. Doreen Newton, Hampshire.

I specialise in Aquilegias / granny's bonnets / columbines.  I often have spare seedlings when germinating ones I want, so get ready for some superb choices! Or grab a real bargain and choose from my nearly 90 different sorts of Aquilegia seeds!

Smallish, seedlings, to flower next year are available after germination, from about April.


Follow this link for full sized plants

NOTE, I am rigorous at checking for the killer disease downy mildew here, do follow the link and check in your own garden.


Seedlings change each season and year depending on what I am germinating for my own garden. Also sometimes small plantlets from my garden.  Here's a few recent and/or likely ones:


Digitalis purpurea f. alba

White foxgloves

Possibly other digitais cultivars as species as well... some very unusual!

Lychnis coronaria, 4 cultivars


Aromatic foliage.
Masses of yellow-centred daisy flowers in summer.

Possibly also the golden-leaved or double-flowered sort!


Clematis tangutica ex 'Bill Mackensie

Orange peel clematis

What's not to like?

Geranium pyrenaicum

Self-sown seedlings, so pot luck colours!

Geranium palmatum



Wild / alpine strawberry

  Another lovely healthy looking plant. Thank you

.... and many many more sorts of seedlings! 



Here are just a few of what's available early 2022.


I price my plants at the level that I'd be excited about if I found them for sale at that cost! Hope you are too!

Aquilegias    Some pics of last years selection, also red & yellow doubles!.

NOTE, I am rigorous at checking for the killer disease downy mildew here, do follow the link and check in your own garden.


Alchemilla mollis

Lady's Mantle. Beautiful foliage that catches the rain, chartreuse foamy flowers, great for flower arranging.

 Very quick delivery and thoughtfully packaged. Thank you.

Briza maxima

Giant quaking grass

 Briza maxima heads look like beetles!Great in flower arrangements and dries naturally to last for years. Giant quaking grass, Briza maxima

Campanula poscharskyana

Unpronouncable yet indispensable bellfower, covered in purpley-blue starry flowers for months. 10-20cms and spreading.  I'm writing this a week before Christmas….and still enjoying some flowers around my doorstep!

Chelidonium majus fl. pleno

Double form greater celandine, no relation to the small (lesser) celandine. A great mound of good foliage, (about 50-70cms high and wide) with bright flowers over a long period in summer. Interesting orange sap, used to treat warts! 

Dianthus deltoides
Maiden pink
Available in the usual red and white forms, and also exciting 'Arctic Fire'!!  All forms steadily increase in size, forming green carpets all yoear round.
Diascia personata
Hardy perennial.. came through horror of winter 2021 Frozen soil and viscious East wind with no problems!
How about a TALL Diascaia? 1M the first year and 2M the nexy year, I hve it leaning against the back wall & fence. I'd not be without this beauty that flowers for months. Now, 24th November 2021, it is still going strong! 3 sized plants (2021) shown.

Digitalis purpurea f. alba

White foxgloves

Another lovely healthy looking plant. Thank you.

Possibly other digitais cultivars as species as well... some very unusual!

Erigeron glaucus
'Sea Breeze'
Beach Aster, here in a lovely purpley-pink shade with contrasting yellow centre. Smothered in flowers for many months, and leaf rosettes look good the rest of the year.
Erigeron karvinskianus
Mexican fleabane
Amazing in flower... This is hanging off the tip of my wall and looks good all through the year with a flowering season rivalling the best of the bedding plants... here on 25th November 2021 it's still looking fresh and has amazing flower-power even now. Buds open pinky and whiten with age.

Will self seed in all sorts of nooks and crannys.
Eryngium eburneum
A  perennial sea holly, with an exceedingly good winter rosette. The leaves are long with softish spines, looking quite exotic in the winter garden, and stunning in a pot.  In summer, architectural 5’-6’ high flower stems sport masses of green flower-heads. Oh, and it’s slug-proof.
perennial wallflower.
Yellow flowers that just go on and on for months! Quickly clumps up.

Euphorbia myrsinites
Really cactusy-looking. Rock garden or front of border.

Galega officinalis
French Lilac
Goat's Rue
What a stunner! Smothered in flowers each year for a long season, and the foliage is rich and green. Dying down to the ground each year, the new growth will CLAMBER up to about 2M, 6' (support appreciated, not self-clinging).
Being a legume it fixes nitrogen and does superbly even on the poorest soils. 2-tone lilac and possibly white form and 2-tone purple.

Geranium palmatum


Geranium x oxonianum

Also I offer another pink Geranium that just flowers and flowers all summer. Unknown name!

Note these are hardy Geramiums, not bedding pelargoniums!

So willing, it will not only clump up, but also self-seed

Dipsacus fullonum




Big plants will tower above you! The flowers look good also in bud stage (left) and also as the brown seedpod stage which you can dry for flower arrangements or leave for the goldfinches and as winter decoration in your garden.

Teasel Dipsacus fullonum


Aromatic foliage.
Masses of yellow-centred daisy flowers in summer.

Possibly also the golden-leaved or double-flowered sort!


Geranium pyrenaicum

Self-sown seedlings, so pot luck colours!

Linaria purpurea
Incl 'Springside White' and 'Canon Went'
I offer 3 colours: purple, white and pink.
Lychnis coronaria, ex Cerise form and the white form
This is 2 size plants.

Macleya cordata
Plume poppy
Tall 8' plus /2-3M
Extraordinarily rare, and extraordinarily beautiful huge leaves.
Melianthus sp.
I had melianthus major seeds, but I think the seedlings are Melianthus villosus, as shown here.  However I do occasionally get Melianthus major so it's worth asking.

Mentha requenii

Corsican mint
Tiny, tiny creeping mint, wondrous scent!
Purple flowers.

Mentha requienii Corsican mint at Touchwood Swansea


Lemon Balm
Rapidly clumps up. Wondrous lemon flavour, my favourite tea is lemon balm tea, take 2-3 top sprigs in a mug, pour over boiling water and drink hot or cold.

Mentha spicata

Good form of spearmint for your lamb!

Mentha buddliea mint

Chocolate peppermint

Apple (Bowles') mint

Eau-de-cologne mint

Curled leaf mint

and others when available

Other mints


Would spring be spring without the Forget-me-not?
Beautiful-eyed clearest heavenly blue flowers over several weeks. These will return year after year to your garden if you let them gently self sow.
How about that… a perennial biennial!



Golden marjoram
Great splash of golden foliage and bee-loved flowers.

Phuopsis stylosa

Spherical pink pinhead flowerheads and evergreen foliage. I'd never be without it. Highly recommended….and not just by me:

Testimonial: PS: Last years plants are doing very well, especially the Phuopsis, haven't come across it from anywhere else…my little grandson loves saying it too!

Oxalis purple leaved

Just a quick note to say thanks for the non-rooted ` cuttings I got from you at the end of March. The photograph, (above) shows one of the cuttings in a 12in pot. Marvellous! Thanks, Andrew (11th July 2009)

My star buy in 2008, one plant took over a whole container, cascading all around… everything else died from slugs or the weather!  Too good to loose, I then brought it into the house for the winter!
 Proving hardier that I thought, but I'll wait until all the frosts are over before taking back outside.

2009, a customer sent a photograph to show me the cuttings that he'd had from me, looking incredible early summer!

Plants only available in frost-free months.


Many species and cultivars available.  Such easy plants here in Gorseinon, with colours in the pink, burgundy and purple range often with beautiful markings or bicoloured. Evergreen so best to leave top growth on over winter to protect it from drying weather.

Persicaria campanulata

Prettily marked velvety leaves in spring. Little bell flowers in August-September. Don't let it flop over other plants! I prop mine against a wall or fence.

I just wanted to let you know that the Persicaria campanulata you sent me in April is knocking my socks off - whatta plant!    It has a lovely presence. Is there any way you could send me more? Or can I reserve some for next year? (I put all my stock in a client's garden so I'd rather not take cuttings from it…)  Thanks, Sue Davis
Thank YOU Sue, it IS good, isn't it? I can send more, and it expands freely so you should have plenty to enjoy! Carrie

Persicaria nepalensis syn P. alata

Well marked foliage, pretty pink flowers, until cut down by frosts (November here). This is a brilliant ground cover plant, rapidly covering the allotted area (and then some more!), However, it dies back underground during the winter. You will receive several shoots…which will clump up.

The lower left photo shows it colouring up well in the autumn.

Persicaria nepalensis is grown mainly for its handsome foliage. Well marked leaves form an attractive bank of foliage to about a foot high.
Here's what my friend Leslie has done with it to great effect… as an underplanting in a tub!

Persicaria 'Purple Fantasy'

Plant sown is 2 size, 2021
My original plant came from a friend who is a keen gardener and grows many unusual plants.  Plant shown is 2 size, 2021
This spreads wide, but also 2-3' tall when growing in the garden.

Sedum alba

Jelly bean plan

Fleshy jelly-bean leaves and white flowers on this happy alpine.Sedum alba jelly bean plant

Sedum spectabile  Hylotelephion spectabile

Ice Plant, Butterfly plant. Looks good year-round, and a good food source for butterflies as it flowers late season.

Sedum spurium

Reddy small rosettes, more strongly coloured in winter.

Sedum rupestre

Fleshy leaves, yellow flower, Creeps and roots controllably!

Also golden and silver-leaved forms.


Interesting letter

Houseleek. Or, one old name for it is: 'Welcome home husband however drunk you be' Hmmmmm! I have several sorts, but you'll get pot luck really, though you could ask for, eg, smaller sort, green sort, red sort or cobweb sort…and if you're very lucky I might be able to comply! Photo taken in November. Grow it on your roof…to protect your house from lightening. Wonder if the insurance company will allow a discount….like for burglar alarms?  Do let me know!

Schizostylis coccinea

though I hear we should call it Hesperantha coccinea now.

Kaffir lily, bright flowers in autumn-winter.... perfect!

Silene 'Ray's Golden Campion'
Awesome and in flower for months is this golden leaved variant of our wild flower red campion.
Sisyrincium striatum
people this this is an iris from the leaves... until it flowers! Easy. Thiese are 4 plants and to the right 2 ones in 2021.


Piggy-back plant… so called as tiny new plants grow on the leaves! Also used as a houseplant. Small strange flowers on medium height stems… strangely d'Arth Vader-like to my way of thinking!

Great ground cover for shade,
although it also grows in sun.

I just thought I'd drop you a line and express my sincere thanks for your time, courtesy and great products! I received them today, excellently wrapped, obviously taken good care of at 'your end' and they arrived in superb condition.
Vinca major variegata
Variegated periwinkle. Flowers better than shown!

Viola cornuta f. alba

Horned Violet, white form

Highly desirable, this is the white form of the horned violet. All forms of the horned violet are particularly floriferous and should give colour over six months. Position them where you can have all their faces looking towards the sun, ...and you!

Wild / alpine strawberry

  Another lovely healthy looking plant. Thank you


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I just thought I'd drop you a line and express my sincere thanks for your time, courtesy and great products! I received them today, excellently wrapped, obviously taken good care of at 'your end' and they arrived in superb condition. Your voucher was very welcomed (and will indeed be used!) and so too were the instructions. Regards, Stella All plants beautifully growing, they have established in their pots very quickly, obviously from good stock, and the Aquilegia seeds are up, a very successful buy!!

TO ORDER PLANTS AND SEEDLINGS..... COVID UPDATE: I am shielding so cannot post, you are welcome to arrange a visit to see the plants... get ready for temptation!  I can do click & collect... well, order and collect!

E-mail me or ring me on 01792 522443  I will check availability before you visit, payment is by direct bank transfer, or cash when you come.

Thank you ~ Carrie ~