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 The National Collections of Aquilegia were on TV: Gardeners' World  30th May 2014.

 there is a new disease of aquilegias: downy mildew


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FEATURING the National Collections of AQUILEGIAS, AS SEEN:

 TV: GARDENERS' WORLD BBC2 May 30th 2014

 TV: S4C Byw yn yr Ardd July 11th 2012

for English captions select 'subtitles', it is the 2nd icon,  bottom right.




TOUCHWOOD held the TWO National Plant Collections of Aquilegia. In recognition of the incredible golden doubles (known as 'Touchwood Treasures') that were being created, Plant Heritage granted Plant Collection status in Autumn 2009 for 'Aquilegia hybrids'(adding to the existing 'Aquilegia vulgaris cultivars').  They flower a little later than the A. vulgaris cultivars, so extending the season. However the killer new disease Aquilegia Downy Mildew killed those collections, so Carrie lost her business. Having moved to Gorseinon, a wide range of aquilegias are now being grown again.  You won't find a choice like these anywhere else!





The Gardeners' World, or Byw yn yr Ardd features on TV could be thought of as trailers for my 90minute DVD/video in which I tell you more than you thought there was to know about Aquilegias!  Includes demonstration of sowing and growing, pests and breeding your own plants.  Many, many named forms, and other cultivars are shown.  OUT OF STOCK




If you want to buy seeds: for something different, try the Touchwood seed-list (including vegetables), and the Aquilegia seed-list. The seeds are of unusual, rare and cottage garden plants. You will find an incredible range of aquilegia seeds for sale.

Or do you need sowing information

Or perhaps general encouragement or ideas about what's available from seed?  If so, then these articles will help to inspire.

"The service and help you offer is exceptional, and, once again, many thanks"

"Thanks Carrie - all worked smoothly with the payment for the seeds. Thank you very much for your help.  All very "user- friendly"! I have been very impressed by all aspects of your site and service. You do have a wonderful website and the flower photographs, and  the descriptions and information you give are amazing - so much better than many others I have viewed! " Kind regards,  Christine Higgins  New South Wales, Australia



Postal service: If you wish to buy plants during the winter and early spring, you can order bare-rooted plants.

You can also buy Aquilegia plants after flowering in June (they respond well to cutting back at that time of the year). Also, in spring and summer I offer a very popular service sending out young seedlings.  More information on these services can be found under Plants.  I always have plenty of plants for sale at Touchwood, either at the garden, or in rare plant sales. Visit the garden to buy.......in May and early June there are hundreds of Aquilegias available whilst flowering.  I also bring plants and seeds to sell when I give gardening talks.




If you would like to receive information and offers 4x a year by e-mail, please e-mail me and I'll be happy to add you to my e-mailing list.



Over 20 different talks given on a wide subject range within gardening, wildlife and botany. 



The garden at Touchwood, Swansea, is open during the gardening year.  Understandably it is most popular whilst the aquilegias are flowering in May and early June, but there's always plenty of interest. May not open in 2015.



Very beautiful original flower-photo cards are available.



Wedding favours: special seeds for your special friends on your special day!



Aquilegia information, and downloadable leaflet

General sowing information, including sowing ferns

Sowing aquilegias 

Aquilegia pests and diseases.

Downy mildew of aquilegias

Sowing article

Other articles includes Aquilegia magazine & newspaper features



DVD  A Guide to Aquilegias: Sowing, growing and breeding.

This is the ONLY DVD available on Aquilegias. It should tell you EVERYTHING you need to know, whether that's getting started or developing further, through cross pollinating, for example.  



  • Touchwood Flower Essences help your health at all levels
  • Fragrant smudge sticks to cleanse and clear.
  • Quality labels  and pens for your gardening needs.
  •  Photos: Amazing pictures to download for your enjoyment
  • Kombucha: a probiotic drink to brew yourself
  • Healing: Includes intuitive healing, reiki, Bowen Technique, & flower essences



    Touchwood Flower Essences™       



    Only £4 per 10ml dropper bottle





    Finally: quick quiz question follow the link to see if you are right! WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS ARRAY OF LETTERS? What's it to do with Touchwood Plants?



Touchwood accepts Paypal payments, including most credit cards




                                             Carrie with Roy Lancaster and Ray Brown at Plantworld


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