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Touchwood is a member of the British Association of Flower Essence Producers (BAFEP)

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 Plant and flower essences   are vibrational essences made from the essential energy, or spirit, of the plants and flowers.  Bach essences are the best known ones, and they are said to work on the emotional and spiritual level. The Touchwood range started as 15 essences that I was led to create for myself through channelled information during 2004 (I've since been guided to make other ones).  I was surprised at several things that came through that channelled wisdom.  Firstly was the making of each essence at specific moon dates, mainly at full moon. Also most are mixtures (composites), being a purist I wanted to make individual essences, and then possibly use them blended, but the information was specific on this: make them as a blend at the first stage. Another intriguing instruction was introducing other items such as crystals and light, it was only later that I heard that some other makers also use similar vibrations. All mother essences were made meditatively with certain purifying and energising rituals.  Each channelled recipe, instructions and information was double checked with a local dowser. My essence making has developed as I developed. Newer essences capture other vibrational signatures, not just of flowers and plants. Look for labyrinth, equinoxal and five element essences below.  I trust they are the best possible essences for the uses described.                -  Carrie Thomas       

"The remedies are working! I've told friends about your essences, so hopefully they'll also find them useful!"


 Using Essences   Dilute by putting a few drops in a glass of water and sipping over a few hours. However, essences may be used in many ways.  Let your intuition guide you. A few drops under the tongue may be all that's necessary.  Anointing your body is a very effective method: I'm frequently drawn to the pulse spots for myself: wrist or neck in particular. Chakra points are very powerful.   You can add to your bath, to washing water, mouth rinses, flannel compresses or any of the many ways your imagination can guide you!  NOTES: Touchwood essences are preserved in brandy or vodka, keep away from children.  Store in a cool, dark place away from electrical or magnetic sources.  Touchwood Essences should have at least a 5 year shelf life (see Best Before End (BBE) on label), but may remain viable for life. The BBE date is mainly to cover against bacterial contamination. If you are careful and never touch the dropper with your skin or tongue, they can safely last a lifetime. Maturing gracefully, like the spirit it's preserved with.

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I can create an essence Just-for-You by blending any of my necessary mother essences into a dropper bottle that will help you through any emotional difficulties you may have at this particular time. I work intuitively in the selection and blending, and the essence will be named by myself or by you. You choose. It can be very liberating to use such an essence through life's difficulties and upsets....or merely to move on, grow and thrive, let alone to accomplish great heights and surmount obstacles.  With grateful thanks to Izzy for the use of her wonderful pastel drawing.



 Don't forget your pets!

 I have several stories about how well animals have responded to my essences. Let me some share with you.

I run workshops on choosing, using, exploring and making your own essences

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 5 for a 10ml dropper bottle (40 for any 10, 75 for any 20, 100 for any 30)


Add 1 extra for a 'Just-for-You' essence.

Plus p&p (as at April 2013):  starts at UK 2nd class  3.00 but that's also for up to 1kg... that's a lot of essence bottles! If you wish first-class delivery; or insured-for delivery (needs signing for) please ask Carrie for current costs by the Post Office for the amount you require.

Bottles are usually sent double-padded-bag wrapped.  If you wish first-class delivery add 50p. For shipping costs to other countries, and payment options, please contact Carrie.  April 2013: Up to 4 bottles, add 2to UK postage cost, costs of shipping over 4 bottles will depend on actual postage costs, but should not be more than 50p per extra bottle. Postage rates likely to change in April

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----------MOTHER SOLUTIONS--------

 Some of my essences are available as the mother solution

  in a 10ml dropper bottle, with approximately 300 drops 

     20 for 1, 35 for any 2, 60 for 4 or 100 for any 8    

A 10ml bottle makes PLENTY of standard stock bottles, and almost infinite dosage bottles. 



I trust you will find Touchwood Essences useful. They need your help.....they don't create change by themselves but may help you to change yourself.  Essences do not replace medical attention, so see your doctor when needed.  Although individual experiences vary, sometimes you may experience a strong emotional (or other) reaction. You may wish to stop (or reduce the dose) for a while. Please free to contact me if you need reassurance or support.

 Grounding (or Prosperity) 

Daisy :Bellis perennis      Primrose: Primula vulgaris                stirred with Solanum, the potato vine.                                                                                                               Full moon, May 2004


Use grounding preparation if you feel ‘on tightrope and trying not to fall, or if at edge of cliff, looking over and at risk of falling’.  Like a breath of fresh air….clearing through, cleansing chakras and health. Awakening new interests, blowing out the cobwebs set to bind you to past.  Allowing a new air/wind to blow through and set you free from past hurts and emotions alike.  Knowing oneself and others in their true spirit and allowing new breezes to set you on your path.  A directional solution that will bathe all in the light of prosperity and allow you to move forward easily as all unwanted things shall fall away in dust, and your prosperity shall flourish. 



 Harmony Primrose: Primula vulgaris, plus cosmic trio stones, and a blue light.                                                 Full moon, May 2004


Tranquillity and past repose, let it be known as harmony brew for all is harmonious in its light. 













 Re-newing Solution

Lenten Rose, Helleborus x hybridus  with ultramarine                                                                                         Full moon, June 2004

A clearing preparation, … clear past bliss/joy from clogging chakras as much as for clearing past negative events.  Hellebore restores the spirit, a cleansing brew to cut through past heals and hurts together.  Refreshing the soul and allowing it to get on.  Progression, moving forwards, a preparation to be used as directed by the soul.  If  the soul needs it, it will know, and encourage you to use this essence.  A forward-looking blend against past hurts and ills.  For moving forward/on.  Unsticking.  Hellebore: let it dispel darkness, mulch the ground and lie fallow. Renewing - springtime growth and harmony throughout all organs. Of truth and lightness/brightness.










 Truth and Alignment

Red-and-white columbine: Aquilegia    Daisy: Bellis perennis, with quartz                                                                                          Full moon, June 2004


This, too, is to do with the truth as it is known and practiced day by day.   A purifier and a cleanser at the physical level.  Of the mind: a purifier too, and cleansing out bad/harmful thoughts vibrations.  A harmony/ harmonising brew.  Aligning thoughts with facts; and encouraging action.  Allow it to purge unworthy thoughts and replace them with calm.  ‘Alignment out of fear’ (ie aligning away from fear)  






Yellow and reddish orange double columbine: Aquilegia        Clover leaf: Trifolium                                                       Full moon, June 2004


Good for when you need a better 'shell' and clearer inside.    Clarifies mind and soul, offers wholeness to one fragmented by truth.        Odour of calm and tranquillity.       


 Four Hands

Lemon balm (green leaf): Melissa          Burnett,              with quartz potentiator                                                                                   Full moon, 2nd July  2004




A lightness of touch.  For past emotional hurts regarding problems with opposite sex. Where there is overprotection because of past hurts.









 Nettle tips: Urtica dioica                       Full moon, 2nd July  2004


For feelings of being needled, nettled and irritated on any levels.  Purifying and cleansing your system of allsorts of nonsense.   Called Domino as all falls before its powers.







Birch bark: Betula pendula                                                     Full moon, 2nd July  2004

Help-mate it shall be called as it is only used with other essences. Not used alone?Not so, always in harmony with others.  It is a gentle preparation with all things made clear. One to put you on the right road and more besides. An allowance, a guidance and a helpful hand-up. Let all be light in its path.  * Yet I find people use it VERY effectively on it's think what it can do in combination!





 Willow bark: Salix     Variegated ivy leaf : Hedera helix        Heartsease pansy: Viola tricolor         Blue moon, 31st  July  2004


Self-explanatory - when things bound too tight – this releases and eases


 Heartsease Formula 2 (second mother)  also known as ‘Never-ease’ 


As above, but a further dilution down, to potentiate, and take away any misery caused by the first Formula.  So if Heartsease causes harm by awakening memories and not sweeping them away, use this to ‘chill things out’ for a bit.


 Tip Manoeuvre

Melilot green pods   Willow tips: Salix        Oak leaves: Quercus                                                           New moon, 16th August  2004

 Buttercup flowers : Ranunculus         Wild carrot flowers:Daucus carotta   Wild parsnip flowers and yellow seed pods

with a Zauschneria californica flower to stir it, ‘to potentiate it’.

 To clear rubbish.  Renewal, growth, a blossoming forth in all things and all ways.  Nothing is impossible with this brew, all things allowed before you.  Wake up to your own potential!  It is great!  A brew with the special properties of that particular earth-link rather than the plants themselves.  There is a powerful position of the earth at that point and we link in with it and bring the special power to you through plants that grow there.

A practitioner friend rang to say that after just one dosage she cleared out her cluttered shed (it  had needed doing for ages)...she hadn't meant to do it, just got on and did so!  "Within a few days of using your 'Tip Manoeuvre' essence, I noticed that I had taken a step back from a situation in which I was considering becoming involved. For the first time, I was able to see clearly a lifelong pattern of behaviour, within my response to this situation. I then knew the best course of action for me in that situation and was able to change direction. My insight was swift clear and definite.  At some level something must have cleared for me to have such clarity of understanding, but I was more aware of  stepping back, making connections and having insights on my situation. More important, I changed my response.  I also gave this essence to another with the intention to help him clear clutter and tackle some house jobs he had been putting off. Within half hour of taking the first dose he reported that he had seen clearly within his mind the exact order in which he would tackle  his outstanding tasks. He also had insights about other people/situations and made several connections about these. Two days later he completed  some unfinished DIY long overdue for completion."  D. Petts November 2010




 Snowdon Measure

 Dandelion leaf-tip & sections of pared root. Taraxacum                                              Full moon 31st August 2004

Contentment and dreaminess, all will be revealed in its light.  Bask in its glory and know true peace within oneself as part of the ‘all’.  Such contentment never much known by the general population.  For achieving great heights, and knowing oneness with all.




 Talking Essence

beech leaves   Acorns   with 4 Snowdon Stones                                               Full moon 29th September 2004



To speak your truth.  Your life path has bought you to this juncture, as has others’ paths done for them.  Any discrepancy counts as nought, it is merely the way forward to each of you on your new way/path after exchanging your truths.  It is just, it is right.  Let justice be done and have your say!  Allow your truth to flood forth from you under the protective guidance of love and light for all is strong in its rays.







 Love and Laughter!

knapweed     crucifer   clear quartz                                              Approaching full moon 26th October 2004




Enjoyment of life, frivolity and fun shall ensue from this brew.  Take late at night to entice good, learning dreams, and during the day to entice good, learning environment, gaiety and laughter. Duly let this be called ‘Love and Laughter’, for it is a wonderful lightness of spirit. (I’d thought it was to be called ‘Serendipity’ or ‘Synchronicity’)  Not so, yet it would draw that down too: what ensues is laughter and all things come to the call of laughter - lighten up! 






 Moon Notion

Dicentra torulosa, bud   (Himalayas and China)                   Full moon 28th October 2004

aquilegia, long spurred, lilac-&-white, first year flowering, deformed largish seed-pod  (N America)

grass (end of spike) Pennisetum macrourum                                Japanese painted fern (Athyrium)

Zantedeschia aethiopica, end of leaf         Zauchneria californica, large bud clematis tangutica, young, deformed pod-head             Used ‘Love and Laughter!’ mother with the water

 I was told to use ‘any that take your fancy on the night’…..afterwards I discovered it was: 2 buds, two leaves, 3 pods (full lifespan plus deformity)    2 A’s and 2 Z’s…and species from much of the globe!


To lighten endeavours.    Fill with laughter and warmth      Guide the way with longing and realisation

- Build up the steam needed to guide you in the right/correct direction   (I thought, ‘so will it show a guiding light to beckon?’)  Not so, more a thrust from behind to help you up and out in the big wide world.    A very practical approach.    A very real friend/boon/guide beside you all the way.

NOTE: I have since found that many women are drawn to this, regarding their menstruation and general issues concerning their femininity.



 King Cup 

King Cup: Caltha palustris             Clear quartz   3-4/5/06 2006                       


Like a bucketful of sunshine! A lightness of touch for the healing of mind, body and soul.  Lifting on up out of the morass of your life and on to higher things.  When you feel bogged down by circumstances – take this and things will start to be clear – be seen in a clearer light on the morrow: things will never be the same again and you will have moved on – and grown besides.

An empowering formula to take all in your stride – and (learn to) love it! A circle of friends besides you all the way and a time to take time out and be gentle with yourself, and all will follow good and true in the dawn of your true life.  Go forth in the hand of God waiting to guide you, oh, ever more gently in the ways of the world and of man. An uplifting experience besides your everyday values of truth and toiling for better things in the adversity of your life/years of earth.  Plan something wonderful for your future to draw you onwards!


Observation Energy 

  Dandelion.   Taraxacum officinale                                                                                                      3-4/5/06


There is a lightness of touch that heals, an ability to be all things to all people and yet not destroy your own individuality and integrity.  Here is a beacon of light to follow in your life, drawing you onwards and upwards to the light. A hard act to follow – it keeps coming back to the self and smothering others in its embrace. Home from home.  Deserving (of) care and realisation of: home is where the heart is. Use it to sort out broken loyalties – most of all to yourself and others close by your side. Eternal light and hope to all that pass. A clear energy and a bonus to all who are in your power – your circle of friends and allies. Eternal light and hope. Cleansing and clearing at all levels. Opening your eyes, and brow chakra to see more clearly.

Notes added after essence practitioners picked up information intuitively about its use at the BFVEA Gathering in Brecon, March 2008

Allowing you to see the bigger picture, keeping things in perspective. All three practitioners were also drawn to place the essence bottle at the heart chakra. It will help and allow you to make decisions based on love, most of all for yourself, and those dear to you.


Trials and Tribulations 

Wood Anemone: Ranunculus ficaria                                                                                                               3-4/5/06



An allowance, a helping hand up to higher realms where the sun shines more brightly.  A way of overcoming adversity with a desire to shine more brightly despite tribulations and hardships. A desire to sing your own song more sweetly, more purely from a heart (and throat) opened in hope and desire for a better future – and planning how to get there. Rising above your troubles and seeing a new (different) life/path ahead. Let it shine brightly. Shine on little one and glow in your darkness/night. The future in right – and bright.



These particular wood anemones were brightly shining and flowering 3 feet up from the ground!  They were growing in soil on the roots of a tree that had blown over in gales 8-10 years ago. A wonderful way of showing how to blossom despite problems!







Triumph in Adversity 

A blend of the above 3, so:

King Cup: Caltha palustris  Wood anemone: Ranunculus ficaria  Dandelion: Taraxacum officinale    3-4/5/06            


Let it heal your heart and help you to move on. No need to get bogged down, good times blaze brightly ahead. Settle down, ride the rocky road, and get on with your fame and fortune!  All things come to those that wait with a happy heart for good times coming from the dark!  Rock on little one!  All good is truth, and all is good really, despite appearances.



Clubmoss  /  Primal Scream

Two species of clubmoss, Lycopodium spp.  From Glencoe, made in Scottish Highlands.   13th Sept 2006                  

There are no words with this essence, just a sound, a moan, a howl, a scream, an expression of extreme anguish and grief, and feeling of loss and being lost. The essence captures the primeval nature of clubmoss (an ancient plant, harking back to the dinosaur age and beyond). Therefore it has an affinity with our reptilian or hind brain, and, in particular, the amygdala. To me it encompasses a great wail of grief ‘WHY?’, and concerns our primal separation from ‘god’ whilst being ‘man’.  

What an enigma! This ‘no word’ essence has more words to describe it than any other I’ve ever made! I also channelled these words: “Relax, all is well. Nothing IS wrong or CAN go wrong, that is all.  ALL is healthy and well though it may not look it.  How could it be any other way? Relax and enjoy the ‘scenery’ (as in scenes, like in a soap opera…try and play your roles relaxedly). All is well, relax into it and enjoy the ride…even if it’s scary, like AltonTowers…you sort of WANT and ENJOY pain…even if only because of the relief when it stops!”

Notes: Hind brain    Your hind-brain also translates body-mind communication. It is sometimes called the reptilian hind-brain and controls everyday repetitive behaviours such as habits, rituals, routines and motor skills. You may call it your auto-pilot when you walk and daydream. Your hind-brain associates emotions with action. (Action might be called honest communication.) You communicate aggression, submission and sexual interest through your actions. Body movement and nonverbal communication involve the hind-brain, and like your limbic system, your hind-brain responds to symbols.  It controls and coordinates fundamental physiological processes, including breathing and blood circulation. Amygdala Your amygdala is a part of your limbic system that associates emotions (and phobias, traumatic response, rage, anger, aggression, sexuality) with symbols. If you remember the bitter taste and smell of lemon juice, what happens to your saliva flow? The amygdala responds as if imagined events were actually taking place. The amygdala processes a wide range of emotional "language". This language involves the 'sounds' of emotion, such as the squeals of delight, the sound that goes with crying, rage, happiness and that high pitched shriek that happens along with a true phobic response.  And it responds to emotional stimuli conveyed through sound, kinaesthetically or by facial expression. It lays down and 'records' unconscious memory.

"Talking therapies" can be of limited effectiveness because the cortex, or higher reasoning area of the brain, has no ability to affect the real source of psychological pain in other areas of the brain. Instead letting out the primal frustrations or anguish as a bellow, a primal scream, can help assuage the hurt.

 All hurt comes from not being one with God.  On our own in this world.  Feeling lost and alone.

 Scottish Heather

Scottish Heather: Calluna vulgaris    Made in Glencoe, Scottish Highlands   15th Sept 2006     


This is the first ‘standard’ Bach flower essence that I’ve produced, but this one also brings in the glory of the spectacular Glen Coe in the Scottish Highlands!  Not knowing what Bach’s remedy is for, I channelled: Sip slowly when tired and in need of fortification: when despondent and harmed by the atmosphere/environment in your mind.  Tranquillity heals all.  No need to blunder through life, sit back and enjoy the rich pickings!  Use for despondency and deep dark nights of the soul.  When relish for life fades and the path seems weary…all is not so! The path is there and gleams with your hidden desires and wells of strength.  Fortify yourself!  Drink deep of life’s delights and garrulousity of the soul.


Information about Bach’s Heather:  For people who do not like to be alone and may talk at length about their issues, and unburden themselves to others without realising how long they’ve been talking.  The remedy is given to help Heather people see their own concerns in the context of other people's, they become good listeners, and empathisers. As a result people seek them out for their compassion rather than possibly avoiding them because of their self-preoccupation.


 Power & Strength

Melianthus major    'Dewdrops': guttation fluid         October 2006





Power & Strength. 

It is. 


Also for endurance and to clear and clarify – in a purposeful manner.








Short Circuit

Shaggy pholiota: Pholiota squarrosa    Made on Moel Hebog, Beddgelert, Snowdonia     November 2006


Bringing things to a head in order to resolve difficulties. Be aware it may be painful - or painless: sometimes what we fear isn’t so much ‘going there’ as the approach of it. ie, the thought of facing something is often worse than it actually is. We build it up in our minds to something enormous. Once you’ve really faced the issues and its fears, it can harm you no more.




 I am Labyrinth, I am Power

Made at Buckland Hall at the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association Gathering   15th March 2008

At the Gathering, Linda created a scaled down, Chartres Cathedral-style labyrinth, all surrounded by candles. The photo shows Buckland Hall.  Labyrinths are ancient tools for connecting with the spiritual self, through meditative progression, being led into, and out of the centre. I found it deeply moving as soon as I walked into the room containing the labyrinth, and both times I walked it were very different but both were very poignant for me.

      For total empowerment. For inviting synergy, serendipity, and synchronicity into your life and into your work.

I made this essence by carrying the water through the labyrinth as I walked. I began chanting: ‘Walking the labyrinth, walking the power’.  The chant changed and evolved as I walked, including ‘walking labyrinth, walking power’, ‘singing the labyrinth, singing the power’ and finally ‘I am labyrinth, I am power’. And with that, I started walking freer and didn’t feel the need to chant again although I was only about half-way in. In the centre, the candle was honoured, and it gave its energy to the water. Tony and White Hawk were synchronicitly present, and their natural synergy helped form the energy of this essence. For example, with White Hawk in the centre, as I walked out, we naturally formed a right angle, then a line, then the opposite right angle, just as she vocalised! Amazing!

Links for the Labyrinth Society and an invitation to see movement through a Chartres type labyrinth.



Vernal equinox, Full moon, Good Friday  (on the earliest Easter in my whole lifetime)      21st-22nd March 2008

Left out under the full moon, then the sun the next day, very blustery and even a few snowflakes fell that day.


For new beginnings, for moving on, and for creating and celebrating the major life transitions and initiations (eg maidenhood, marriage, motherhood, etc). Good for new projects, new beginnings, new starts, working out which way to go. Going your own way, new thoughts, new ideas, new services, starts in all ways. Sowing (or getting started) in order to harvest benefits. Helps us to bear troubles and to reap rewards. Out with the old! A new broom that sweeps clean, clearing the cobwebs away. For any time you need an impetus: like the effect on a comet of passing near a planet as it experiences a ‘sling-shot’ velocity boost due to gravity.

Note: I actually gave birth on the spring equinox, 25 years before making this essence. That's a perfect 'life transition'.



 Summer Solstice

Summer solstice, at Karuna Institute.    20th-21st June 2008  (20th =was the solstice; 24th was midsummer's day)

To reach out and get what you want. A lazy feel to it, as if you can attract what you want to you without expending much energy!


Autumn Equinox

Autumn equinox    22nd Sept 2008  11.30am until 9.30pm

For empowerment…..and more besides, rather like a cloak of blackness to don at will, rendering you partially invisible to those with-out you. Yes, a form of protection, lets you slip undercover of a darkness cloak, lets you move more privately through the world. Lets the world see through you or past you and lets you get away with all things …bright and otherwise! When you don’t wish to attract attention to yourself, or darkness to you.  Envelop yourself in ‘darkness’ (ie this cloak essence) to evade and avoid darkness (as in lesser spirits).  A cloaking device.


 Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice     21st December 2008 after taking the water to be used to the Faerie ball in Swansea.

Left out about midnight to midnight (solstice was at 12.04 GMT)

For putting away the old, and clearing for the new ways. For letting go, slicing off and starting again: resurrecting the soul after past-times that weren’t so good. Putting your best foot forward and moving on with this (like a sword you can depend on) at your side. ‘

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 Seren Retreat's Winter Solstice Labyrinth

Near the Winter Solstice     19th December 2010 at SEREN RETREAT, Gower



Made ritualistically during a magical afternoon and evening celebration of the solstice at Seren Retreat. A labyrinth had been laid out, to an ancient Celtic pattern.  Celebrants helped define and then to decorate the labyrinth with many candles. A roaring fire, hot spiced apple juice, prayers, and songs helped participants as they individually journeyed the solstice labyrinth.

 For coming back to base, to yourself, your perfect one. For renewal as the trees renew, by shedding the parts no longer beneficial and going within to nurture and look after oneself during a dormant, inward-looking time, before garbing yourself again to equip you for the year ahead. Will help intentions, and going forward freely and easily.


 Wild Chervil (Cow Parsley): Anthriscus sylvestris   Made in Nicholaston Woods, Oxwich Bay,  Gower  22nd April 2008

Cowparsey or wild chervil is basically of aches and pains and agues of the heart*, it keeps you going in dread and droopy times and uplifts the spirit to a time when all will be well (rather like chervil being one of first main huge plants to great us with flowers in springtime…seeming to arise quickly from ‘nothing’ (its base leaves) to a statuesque flowering plant). Just as the root delves deep in the ground AND carries memories of what is to be, so too your roots will start to nourish and nurture you again until your own ‘summertime’ takes hold and you will blossom and flourish again. Chervil strengthens and honours who you are and who you will grow (up/on) to be. Take it then, when things are getting you down or when you need a little quick upliftment (as to square you shoulders and get on with something you don’t like/enjoy doing/being) but most of all to rest in the contentment of spirit and know that all is right between you and God, and will resolve, without difficulties, in the end. So strengthens resolve and energy and abilities when you most need it yet also orders you to rest and take things quiet when you must and can for your whole life’s benefit. Who is it for? For times of trouble and danger. When things seem less rosy from before and as if you’re ‘walking on hot bricks or knives’ on a daily basis. Seems to have been yourself to blame somewhat for your own difficulties, and seemingly no easy way out. Entrapped by dreams now turned to nightmares. Subsumed by grief for what may have been, unfilled potential and bitterness of lost/broken promises to yourself and others. Allows you to get a basic grip on the problem, grow up and move on. Grief-work may help, then let it go and move on/forward, forcefully if needed. To hold your head up and fight through difficulties whilst being nourished from below. This too will pass….if you let it! Nurture, nourish and move on and upwards with all things.                *not physical heart issues, see your GP

 Clarity, ease, releases tensions, clear headed and mindedness. ...until you're possibly unable to think of your sorrows.                                        

 Weathering the Storm

Wild primrose: Primula vulgaris      Made in Nicholaston Woods, Oxwich Bay,  Gower  22nd April 2008

To be able to weather the storm, able to keep going during difficult conditions. Feeling of nourishment, and guidance, from your universe. For when a brave face isn’t enough and you can’t go it alone.  Delicate in beauty and vibrational strength, yet primrose masks a hard core. Think of what (these) primroses in particular go thought with the yearly changes in such extreme conditions…salty laden winds and soil, hardy able to take up nutrients yet flowering bravely in the worst of wind and weathers. Primrose gives you, too, resolve and sets you on your course. A bit like someone helping you up when you have fallen and setting you facing the right direction again. Know there is a time to hide and a time to face the world. Know there’s time to hide your wondrous beauty and time to blossom and flourish to all to see. Let it nurture you secretly! Let it be your guide, rather like a blood transfusion from the other side!

Who should take it? Those fed up with life, no longer feeling nurtured from below…the source of all things. For those feeling jettisoned by life and let down by their friends. To show there’s a rosy future. Despondency, despair, grief, recession, regression all these would be served well by primrose to nourish their roots.

 Fairy Dancer   or Dancing Feet

Blackthorn (sloe): Prunus spinosa     Made in Nicholaston Woods, Oxwich Bay,  Gower  22nd April 2008


There is a magic in the air with this, like tiny fairy folk dancing! It will bring a spring to your step, too. Away with the old and in with the new! Sweeping clean and clear into the new year. Sparkles. Joy. Twinkling eyes. Makes things easy and joyous. Get things done in a hurry and have done with it, freeing you for other things when the work’s done. 



Lords & Ladies (Cuckoopint): Arum maculatum     Made in Nicholaston Woods, Oxwich Bay,  Gower  22nd April 2008



For horders too mean to share their gifts! (Gifts at all levels) For when you want to hang onto something. For when you don’t want to let it go. It brings comfort to keep some things, keepsakes, it becomes who we are. Hiding it away from others who might take it away. With this essence you can start to display those gifts. Bringing light and enjoyment to yourself with them. Not hiding them away but displaying them to yourself. Allows you also to know your place and contribution to the world: don’t hide your light under a bushel! Instead display it greedily to the world and show them what you’re made of!

You’ve things to laugh about, brag about, shout from the rooftops about! Let it all out and giggle about how good you really are, and can be even more with this essence! Blow your own trumpet! Let it out!  Let it all out and brag worthily! You shine even more by doing so! And become more of what you already are/are capable of.

 Sea Oak

Sessile oak: Quercus petraea   Growing on a cliff at Nicholaston, Oxwich Bay,  Gower  22nd April 2008

Gentleness. Care. Looking after-ness. Calmness and serenity. Allowing, going with the flow and tides of life. Succouring and benefiting you at all levels of help needed. Carries you (like on a wing) above your troubles so that they can’t affect you so much, almost tranquilises. Letting things go. Doing the minimum necessary for life. Letting go at all levels and in all ways. It’s not worth resisting any more. Instead let this succour and gently guide you, Wrapping you up out of harm’s way until you become stronger and more able on your own. Take it when beset with difficulties that can’t be easily resolved, and see how you can start to distance yourself from them, rather like being held in cotton wool until you’re ready to get going again. Comforting.  

"Weathering the Storm and Sea Oak are very gentle. I  felt supported while taking them enough to get on with some challenging tasks in hand"  D. Petts November 2010

 Expectancy!   or Dune Essence

Dandelion flowers and seedhead: Taraxacum officinale; Early purple orchid: Orchis mascula; Violet: Viola; Forget-me-not: Myosotis; Creeping willow: Salix repens                                     Made in the established dunes, Oxwich Bay,  Gower  22nd April 2008

A bright nosegay of life! And of opportunity. Heralding in the new, helping you with sprightly step, glorifying in the world about you that you are part to the full and utmost reaches of yourself and others. Look about you and feel the strength of spring about you and within you. See far, as to what you want to do and know   you do not need do much to accomplish it, it’s already there in the future scenery for you. Life’s like that. Take the opportunity and it becomes you, and you become part of it.  This will help get things done in a hurry or to know when to just sit back and smell the flowers! Job done, and well accomplished by you and this brew together, with the walk of life, life’s run accomplished. It’s to help you see, too, what must need be done and the best way to accomplish it in the most speedy way possible. Multitasking by blending it all together (braiding) until it all becomes one job and one finished outcome: accomplished/accomplishment together.


 Glorious Vanity!      Made under the newly unfurled beech leaf canopy, Clyne Valley Country Park, Gower.   5th May 2008

'Beech is like an astringent, draws in, draws close, makes one unsusceptible to others and change. Allow it to gently draw you back into yourself to decide what you gloriously want, and begin the resolve to do it – just for yourself – for no-one else. Glorious vanity indeed! Putting yourself first for once – who knows-perhaps it’ll become a habit. It’s hoped so!’    ‘It opens you to your full true potential, that’s worth boasting about!!'

My friend  White Hawk warns: "Glorious Vanity is costing me a small fortune. lol. Since being on it, I've been replacing all my old vest tops and T-shirts. I'm also thinking about an old plan to have orthodontics on my teeth, so I checking out costs etc. Well I can say it works and I'm not complaining. I definitely need a wardrobe re-vamp!"


 Cloak of Protection  

Bluebell: Hyacinthoides non-scripta   Made in  Clyne Valley Country Park, Gower.   5th May 2008

The bluebells were at their peak, none were over and most stems had their 1st flower still fresh.

‘A drawing in, drawing close, protective circle/boundary around you. Allows you to ‘look out’ (through the boundary) but without others looking in.  Like drawing a cloak or gown about you. A standing alone, but a strength or resolve interiorly. Rock solid, and strong inner strength and resolve, and its own protection.’

That’s a surprise, I thought, very different to the flower itself. ‘yes, isn’t it, yet hark, listen, look at how it drops back down and shuts itself back into the soil – as the underground bulb (storage organ). That’s what we’ve captured here – that ‘going inwards’ ability.’

 Bay for Balance

Bay flowers: Laurus nobilis.   Made at Touchwood garden  27th April 2008

 There was a light rain on the flowers when I poured over water them, so it took up the saturation, then I picked flowers to go in, for preparing it.

Bay has a ‘straight line-ing feel’ a 'return to zero’. Unable to be out of balance. Helps both too high as well as too low feelings. ie too extreme will come back to ‘zero’.



 Total Protection

Mountain mist, in the Keep of Hardknott Roman Fort, Lake District      12th September 2008

Water from grass, thistle and nettle leaves

For total protection at all levels.  Everything about this essence says ‘protection’…from the mountain site over a remote pass in the Lake District, to being made within a Keep (that never had any ground floor entrance) within a Roman stone Fort. Made from condensed protective mountain mist. Plants involved include nettle and thistle which protect themselves well physically. Nettle also can be used to make clothing to protect from the weather.

The visualisation I have for this shows a person drawing a protective cover up and over and around themselves.  Use AFTER thoroughly cleansing yourself of any harmful vibrations. Like drawing a protective cover up and over and around yourself.    Reality check: NOT for protection against pregnancy or STDs etc !


Made at Maspalomas Sand-dunes, Gran Canaria  January 2008

When I collected the essence, I was surprised by its feel, blue and clear for the spring water itself, also the strength and beauty of the sun, I saw a strong pull towards the sun…at an angle to the right…the suns zenith point.

Channelled: "It is to assuage thirst of all kinds: of knowledge, of right, of good/s.* It’s perfect in its own way.  Rebalances and realigns with your soul and lets you know what’s really wrong.  What the upset, the anger, the minor frustration and non-alignment (of rejection) is really about.  Think deep, think perfect, re-harmonise and retreat and re-emerge, thinking and beaming in the daylight.  All is tranquil in its dreams.  Allow peace, jollity and acceptance to slowly seep (steep) back into your bones with this brew.  It is done, It is right.  Also to do with travail and right road. Ie knowing the plodding, weary road no longer helps/serves you.      Goods as plural of good as in goodnesses rather than items or goods!

 Roque del Fraile  

Made in the mountains, Gran Canaria at Roque del Fraile, near Roque Nublo.   22nd January 2008


   I first saw this rock on the horizon, and was struck by how trees echoed her shape, not knowing it was a famous rock (Roque del Fraile). Thought I’d do a Roque Nublo (Rock of Clouds) essence, about ‘tears’ as that feeling was as if clouds weep on the rock. Then discovered ‘my’ rock was there as well, it pulled me very strongly – in a way that  Nublo did not. I saw Roque del Fraile as a Lady…pregnant or even as an angel, a very feminine feel. And sadness…of Earth, of Man(kind). Climbed to her, went and sat on her base rock, to make the essence. Later I carried the essence bottle in my pocket the rest of the way  to Roque Nublo and beyond. It was only when back home and able to search the internet that I discovered the rock had a name. Roque Del Fraile means Friar Rock, and yes, I could then see the brother with his cowl, and that's what the essence chose to be called, but to me it will always partly be Lady Rock.              

Visualisation: I saw eyelashes filled with tears, confirming this is a tearful essence. Also tears (as in rips)                 Channelled: Tears, tearfulness, can you not feel it? Yes, we know that you do. Tears of sorrow, and joy besides. Never-ending joy, if you’d like – for that’s what sorrow leads to – like two halves of the same coin, or a righting of disaster, or part of the entire/full circle of joy (I saw a circle, a never-ending line from sorrow thro joy and back around again).  A sadness, a melancholia, to call it by its right name – a deep distrust in the world – that something’s not right – needs correcting – amending. It is ever so, and leads to the light on the one hand (in the right hands) or to despondency on the other – is that not so?  Instead let it ring a note of melancholia through you and in your life, until you can learn to accept that note and the joy it brings.  All things come to harvest/fruition in that way.  The pain of joy can stifle growth and the joyth of sadness can create joy in its own way.  Seek it, look for it, nurture it and know you can be okay even in the joy of pain that is sadness.  It is all one if but you knew – bringing you closer to God in all its guises.  Pure joy and pure luck to you this day and every, for evermore.  

 Canary Pine  

Canary Pine: Pinus canariensis. Made in the mountains, Gran Canaria very close to the highest peak of Pico de las Nieves.   28th January 2008

The amazing native pine in the Canary Isles has incredibly long needles. The trees are extremely important in the natural water balance of the Islands, as the pines grow high in the mountains where there is often cloud cover,  the misty cloud droplets condense on the needles and drip to the ground, thus watering an island that has little natural rainfall.

Made under a prostrate pine at about the highest point, growing in a rocky crevice, using a few pine needles (later added pine resin), then proving it in the centre of a ‘ring’ of trees just below, ...this was pretty scary as I was on a rock slope about 6-12’ from the edge of a drop. Felt protected by the trees I further scared myself when proving it further (as close as possible to other 2 rocks with pine tree between) as I then saw sheer drop from where I had been…and even more so next day when realised where it was from other side....see the red arrow at the top of the lowest picture?!! 

Visualisation whilst it was ‘brewing’….of being a pine tree…tall…conscious of head/top area and of roots into soil…strong firm anchorage, actually crushing rock with their action.    Into earth and even penetrating to ‘top’ of a hidden-below-the-ground volcano and causing eruption(!) blasting away half tree on that side but rest survive!! Unbelievable.... but the feeling was correct…as if part of the root stock would regenerate no matter what (when later saw sheer drop next to trees, was reminiscent of blasted tree at volcano edge). Note added a day later: discovered that the drop here IS the edge of an enormous volcanic crater or caldero. I knew that Gran Canaria was volcanic, but had no idea I was here on the lip of an immense ancient volcano.

Channelled: Be on your guard with this one. It has strong redeeming qualities for us all.  Maleness.  Strength.  Cleanliness.  Helpfulness.  But nevertheless it also has an axe to bear. To get things done it may slice in half – to hew or to slew things away/out of your path.   It may create a bit of a muck or a muddle in your life for a short time – and then take you beyond it to fresh green pastures and brighter horizons.  So, it unburdens in a somewhat heavy-handed way – but at the end of the course you’ll have forgotten how difficult the beginning path was.  It’s worth it.  Will keep you aligned with your purpose if taken before breakfast, say, once a month.

 Almond Blossom  

Almond: Prunus ducis.  Made in the mountains, Gran Canaria. near the El Sequero to Cruz Grande road.  30th January 2008

In January and February the almond trees on the Canary Isles burst into exuberant blossom. On Gran Canaria one of the major festivals is the celebration and honouring of these trees. Interesingly, the specific name dulcis means sweet, but also can mean soft, mild and gentle. All these aspects are present in this essence. Think of a favourite grandmother...all those qualities, yet also powerful in their love, care and guidance of you.

Channelled: What a peach! It would be difficult to find a finer key/essence.  We’d like you to use this when people need a little ‘warmth’ in their life.  A little clarity of purpose.  Like rays shining down.  Gentle, slow and kind, not strained or mute but giving, forgiving, receiving and giving again. It is a gentle brew but one with strong properties.  It’s like a gentle clear-out – putting aside what no longer serves, and going ahead with what does.  For moving on, for putting aside, for forging ahead despite current difficulties. [A feeling of a half-smile, lingering touch, dreamy countenance.]

Tell them it’s for putting your best foot forward despite difficulties, and enjoying what you do!


It is said that all emotions fit into one of four categories: anger, happiness, sadness and fear (or, easier to remember: mad, glad, sad or scared). In November 2009 when I was writing up these four Cran Canarian essences for this webpage, I realised they can portray each of these emotions, and so help balance in your life.

Mad, angry, frustrated? Try Sol                                        Rising higher by being glad, happy, or needing that in your life?  Almond Blossom

When sadness pulls you, use Roque del Fraile            And fear, or being scared, is met and combated by Canary Pine

 Buy all 4 Gran Canarian essences for just 12

 Lifegiving    or Water of Life

Made from glacial meltwater:  Mer de Glace, Montenvers, Chamonix, French Alps 7th September 2009

A very special water, from a glacier with an ice-cave cut into it. So this water had been part of the ancient and great  Mer de Glace (Sea of Ice). Yes, glaciers really are this colour, a beautiful green-blue aquamarine. I was deeply moved the first time i saw a glacier and especially when seeing the ice, and touching it, and have been similarly moved many times since.

Channelled: "Contains fragments of all that’s happened thus far and what may be. Take to see more clearly PAST your current problems and into the future. Foresight....indeed. One of a kind, this essence, and very blessed, like the milk of the Mother Mary. Drink of it sparingly, a single drop held on the tongue will do and see it help to revive your flagging spirits and boost your forward motion in life. We call it lifegiving as all comes to its call (image: trumpet/horn to call help). (also later got lifegiving as in water of life) Helps go with the flow whilst yet standing resolute to yourself. Being gentle on yourself (Mother Mary part) being blessed. You’re not on your own (though 1 of a kind) and all the universe WILL help if you let it (come to your call). Listen and respond/know

 Open to Joy!   

Rowan Berry: Sorbus acuparia  Near the Mer de Glace, Montenvers, Chamonix, French Alps 10th September 2009


Channelled: A bright red berry to help and fortify you on your way . lifting spirits and sights to God/universe. Like striding along with swinginging arms and a whistle, looking up and forward. Fortifies the weak, resilients the already-gay. A feeling of opening with joy, at the heart, to the lovely wonder of this place, Earth.



 Great Expectations   

Made from an icicle, Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix, French Alps 6th September 2009


High above Chamonix, at nearly 4000 metres (four times as high as Snowdon) is the Aiguille du Midi.  Here, from a cave cut through the snow and ice, mountaineers  go out to scale Mt Blanc. Can you see how the icicles at the cave entrance not only grow downwards but also have sideways protrusions due to the ferocious winds cutting across them much of the time. I plucked part of one of these icicles to become the essence.


Channelled: When all’s said and done, the wandering spirit is best fed in wide open spaces and treachery against the universe best served by surrendering to it and using it as your goalposts. Measure yourself against mother nature at its best....and worst or why else would it be worth attempting? Rosy outlook with this essence. Enhanced ideals and allows you to put in practice what you preach/ most want from life. Go: the going’s good, let life lift your wings for you: and float away!





Taxus baccata At The BFVEA Gathering at the Abbey House , by Glastonbury Abbey  6th March 2010


Strongly rooting/grounding, a feeling of partaking of the earth’s energy through your roots. Helps you to stand firm and solid, and set relevant strong boundaries.  All this helps to get rid of unnecessary burdens, and so allow you to dance anew with life, and vitality. Strength, yet lightness and gentleness.  Why was I called by this particular yew? Because it’s very special....just like you!

Thank you, Kate Johnson, for the photo of me harvesting the essence.





 White Spring   

White Spring water,  During the BFVEA Gathering,  Glastonbury  6th March 2010

A gentleness of spirit, very feminine, moonwell water. Lady in white gown at peripheral of my vision, just out of direct sight, as if not wanting/needing direct attention. Reassurance that she gives healing to all who ask for it.  Ask and it is given, you are never alone with this one. Feminine if she’s drawing up the water from the well for you, it's sparkling with life, then she stands back with a small pleased smile for you to partake. I feel this is blessed water (she smiles and silently agrees...nods) and use it as a blessing....with food or water or wine or other nourishments to bring out the forgotten flavours and nourishments.


 Red Spring    

Red Spring water,    During the BFVEA Gathering, Chalice Well Garden,  Glastonbury  6th March 2010


Richly rewarding, a feeling of warmth spreading in my heart. An opening, a letting out of a roar or a noise of some sorts. Strengthening, and of resolve also. A ‘not needing to turn back’ essence, going forward and on despite circumstances. Very strengthening and powerful. Helps you distance a bit from problems, see them as an outsider may see them Again a feminine energy, but more a warrior queen!





 White and Red Spring water,  Blended during the BFVEA Gathering, Chalice Well Garden,  Glastonbury  6th March 2010


 Let it hold your heart for you in a safe place until it’s time to come out again to play. The White Spring gives clean, clear healing and the Red will speak more to your mind about going on regardless of circumstances. So together they buoy you up and help to keep you together in times of great difficulty or small problems.  








   Chalice Well, Red Primrose    

Red Spring water, Primula vulgaris  red forms.  GROUP ESSENCE of the BFVEA Gathering,  Chalice Well Garden,  Glastonbury  6th March 2010

Given freely. No charge for this wonderful essence of the heart made by all of us as part of the British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association Gathering. Bring me a (clean) dropper bottle filled with brandy or vodka and I will add some drops of the mother essence to make your own bottle of Red Primrose. 





Purple Maple    'Just do it'

Acer cultivar,  Clyne Valley Cottages  23rd April 2010

Be brave and get going.  Encouraging appropriate behaviour. Acknowledging the truth, (the past), and your position here, yet getting on with it. Unsticking. Able to cope with disappointments. Facing the truth yet know the answers are inside of you. Stop dithering!   Pacing yourself forward, and flowing on. Why complicate matters? Get down gorgeously to your own role and go beyond this in a trice, the future beckons.




 Crab Apple Blossom    All is alright

Malus sylvestris, Clyne Valley Quarry 21st May 2010

Purity of purpose, clarity of mind.  Imagine the washing away of troubles and cares. Like cleansing a wound, washing it off, in a loving way, in the way that Jesus himself washed feet. Imagine the blessing of that! Lightening a load, raising up your spirits, by leaving harm behind. Slightly like ‘I can’t think about that any more’, or ‘mentally numbed to it’ and instead being supported by a warm, spring-like, pink-white light-glow feeling.  Helped over the obstacles of the mind (like over a stile).


Blue Moon   

Swansea 31st December 2009    Made by Eifion

Blue moons have come to be defined as a second full moon within a calendar month. This one happened on the last day of the year, and heralded in 2010. Many people that evening was struck by how huge the moon looked (this photo was actually taken early morning). It was also a partial lunar eclipse that day.  All-in-all some very powerful moon energies! 


 999 Emergency Essence    or Revive

Blueberries/Bilberries, Vaccinium myrtillus; Heather, Calluna vulgaris; Hieracium flower and seedhead; Grass seedhead Made at 2300 metres at Plan de l'Aguille,  Chamonix, French Alps 9th September 2009

 999 as made on 9th of 9th 2009


 Use when all’s not well, it will help you fight your condition of mind and see more clearly your life and your options. Helps fend off fears of the natural and the unnatural. Helps sooth fears already arisen and wraps in blankets until recovery takes place (which is aided by the brew anyway).  Cocoons and supports. This is not your time for getting things done, but to prevent lowering yourself BECAUSE of your fears.


The following sets of essences have links to pages dedicated to each type of essence

Snow Essences

On 17th December 2010, we woke to 4” snow, very unusual here! Great, finally I could make some snow essences, something I had been meaning to do for several years.  I channelled: ‘snow brings something new to essences – a newness, a cleanness and an openness to new opportunities and seeing clearly what has always been before you, but in a new way, opening your eyes, heart and mind to a new way of being and seeing and beginning (over) again’.

Later I realised a there's also a general feeling of suspended animation, hibernation, a thinking rather than a doing.  Also seems like it’s a different aspect of the plant, that the snow essence reveals...almost a shadow or ghost self, or a slightly-mirror-image.  Follow this link for the Snow Essences of Bay (Abeyance, Retreat), Beech (Hibernate, Hide away),  Crab Apple (Release your burdens),  Holly (Yield), Eucalyptus (Know your weaknesses), Cruel Plant (Cruelty in abeyance).


 Rainbow Essences

Have you discovered summer spiritual camps? I have and I'm hooked! I find I spend most time at the Rainbow 2000 ones especially the Healing Camp and Superspirit. I run various workshops including ones on the use as well as the making of essences, then I facilitate and support anyone who wishes to make their own ones during that time.  The special energies at the camps gives intriguing and wonderful essences. I have a few of other people's essences as well as my own to offer, and 50p of each essence sold will go to Rainbow 2000.

Please follow this link for more details about the Rainbow Essences. And this link for Rainbow 2000 camps.

Essences include: Healing Space;  Grounding Crystal Bowl ringing, with Reiki;   Bountiful Goddess;    Full Moon Puja;  Crystal Clear; Spirit of Rainbow Healing Camp; Healing Camp essence and Rainbow Healing Camp essence.



 The 5 Elements set

Made at Seren Retreat, Gower, during a four day Polarity Wellness training on the Five Elements.

The set comprises: Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether.    Follow this link for more information and photographs depicting how these were made.


To invite the five elemental energies into your life. Can be used synergistically. For example, I could use Fire essence on my hands whist carrying out the Polarity Therapy Fire Protocol moves on a client.  Buy individually or as a set.

For more ideas about the five elements, and which parts of the body they pertain to, visit here.


 Buy all 5 Element essences for just 15





 Ho'oponopono essences


Ho'oponopono is a Hawaiian  healing method. It is based on the realisation that everything around you is a reflection of yourself. To heal anything thus becomes a matter of working with yourself.  These essences created by Eifion have encoded within them the separate 4 precepts of ho'ponopono: 'I'm sorry'; 'Forgive me'; I love you', and 'Thank you'. There is also a fifth one, encompassing the whole system: 'Ho'opononpono.   Click here for a page of  further information




 Buy all 5 Ho'oponopono essences for just 15





 Rife frequency essences     9.7; 13.5;  15;  20; 120;  465;  650;  654; 660; 727;  787;  800;  880;  1550; 2008;  2128;  5000; 10000

My friend Eifion introduced me to Rifing: a healing method using electrically generated pulses of energy.

I used a Rife generator for a time and seemed to be getting good results. Then life changed somewhat and I got out of the habit of using the machine each evening. At that time,  Eifion, (knowing my interest in essences) gave me an essence bottle to hold and see what I could pick up intuitively. I still vividly remember the sensation because it was so different to anything I'd felt before. Normally I get a lot of clairvoyant visualisations, but with this is was as if the essence was fizzing. Strange!  He handed me another. This one had a deep feeling of motion, it seemed to me like I was following a deep current in a large river....not the top, bottom or peripheral flows but a more central current, extremely powerful.  I wanted to know more about these essences! They were Rife frequencies that he'd captured.  He offered me some to take instead of using the machine, and I now take my Rife as essences, finding these far more convenient than using the machine, and am sure they are doing me just as much good.  Eifion now makes a range of 18 Rife frequency essences, as far as is known, these are the only Rife essences ever to have been made...........

Currently there are these Rife Frequency Essences available: 9.7; 13.5;  15;  20; 120;  465;  650;  654; 660; 727;  787;  800;  880;  1550; 2008;  2128;  5000; 10000

If you feel a need for a specific Rife Essence, Eifion could create it, please enquire further.

Here is the link for details of the available Rife Essences

 Buy any 4 Rife Frequency essences for just 12

 Set of all 18 for 50 


...and don't forget:




I can create an essence Just-for-You by blending any of my necessary mother essences into a dropper bottle that will help you through any emotional difficulties you may have at this particular time. I work intuitively in the selection and blending, and the essence will be named by myself or by you. You choose. It can be very liberating to use such an essence through life's difficulties and upsets....or merely to move on, grow and thrive, let alone to accomplish great heights and surmount obstacles.  With grateful thanks to Izzy for the use of her wonderful pastel drawing.




 Made in Wales.








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