Ordering Seeds

(Main list and Aquilegias)

and for DVD/video and labels etc


 I have no order form as such! Instead, even easier, please email me a list of seeds that you'd like, I'll check availability and confirm total costs with you.

PLEASE list in the order that the seeds appear on the webpage if possible, as it halves the time in preparing your order, and means I can find the seeds!  Thanks. To make it easy for you, you can just put the acquisition number if you must, eg 608, although the failsafe way (in case you or I get it wrong) would be to put 608 pink feather duster.

Please list substitutes or contact me for availability…if you don't want substitutes, I'll do a credit note


Would you like to send a gift of seeds, or vouchers to a friend?  I will send direct to their address either seeds chosen by yourself, or a gift voucher plus seed-list (minimum 10).  Either will be accompanied by whatever message you care to include.  If the order/voucher is at least 15 in value, then I will include a lovely original flower-photo card for your friend.  I can copy your own message into it, or send it to me on a piece of paper that I can glue into the card.


Payment: No longer cheques as I'm shielding. So  cash or bank transfer.

 Email me which seeds you want, I'll check availability, let you know total cost, then send an invoice and bank details.

Seed prices and p&p: see webpages                                                 



NOT ABLE TO ACCEPT CHEQUES AT THE MOMENT IF you decide to order by posting a written list without checking availability,  you can send a limited cheque: leave the figures for me to fill in and write eg ‘Not to exceed twelve pounds’ (or whatever is the maximum value of your order)  If you choose bank card or Paypal payment, email your order and I will email a Paypal invoice to you.

 Send to: Carrie Thomas, Touchwood, 4 ClyneValley Cottages, Killay, Swansea, SA2 7DU


Don't forget, besides seeds and plants I offer:


Good quality white labels

‘Invisible’ green labels

        ‘Highly visible’ yellow     

  or mix yellow and green

  or mix 5 colours

Label price and postage are on webpages

But no seed postage to pay if you order labels,

and labels sent free postage with plants-by-post orders


  Stabilo Write-4-all permanent marker plus postage (free postage with seed order)


DVD  A Guide to Aquilegias: sowing growing and breeding’


                            RRP 14.99 + current p&p


A Guide to


                                                              Sowing, growing & breeding

Unique DVD / video-guide

to Granny’s Bonnets

14.99 + p&p

LUCKY DIPS 5 packs of last year’s seeds  or 20  or 40 …if I have them! Prices on seed webpages.

  My selection, but I won’t include anything from your current order, and you can choose which categories you want.  Please circle here : ANY,  annuals,  biennials,  perennials,  grasses,  trees and shrubs,  alpines, bulbs, vegetables,  climbers,  herbs,   Aquilegias,  Geraniums,  Campanulas,  Violas.  I’ll also allow you to give a SHORT list of what you DEFINITELY don’t want:



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