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Made at Seren Retreat 4-day Polarity Wellness Therapy training on the 5 Elements  2008




Water from the Seren borehole was bottled and left overnight beforehand on Fairwood Common outside Seren, on the earth in rainyness next to ditch water with air and ether and fire because it was at the base of fiery foxglove!



The next day, I started at 9am, carrying the water bottle around the outside of the Seren stone circle asking for cleansing and clearing (counterflow to the river to do so) then inside, clockwise, for health and healing.





Earth: the bowl of water was set onto a molehill.  I set up, protecting with pentagram.





Water: I nearly fell in the river when the sapling I used to help me down the 3’ bank snapped off at its rotten root. Water nearly over my wellingtons when finding a way out, but water level went down during day so was low for harvesting the essence.






Fire: Made in the firepit over a couple of candles, later put the water in its new bottle in the indoor firegrate where we did fire meditation, then in front of the fire outside during our final ceremony.






Air: hung in windy spot nearish the ‘netting’ in the trees. Held suspended on tree and so caught breeze and the sway of the branch in the wind.  Draped some streamers nearby as well.







Ether: left on cosmic gathering stone (of the stone circle) for a little while, then into centre stone whilst rest set out, then onto ‘top’ of ‘lawn’ outside retreat sitting room (where we trained) with wide open space and same view.  Leaving the circle, I saw a (bedraggled wet) fox.







For more ideas about the five elements, and which parts of the body they pertain to,  visit here.






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