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These essences have been coded with the appropriate Rife frequency, using alchemical principles incorporating some of the ideas outlined the book The Path of Alchemy by Mark Stavish.   

Prepared from frequencies selected from the Consolidated Annotated Frequency List  (CAFL) which is compiled and maintained online by Brian MacInturff:


 The remedies are prepared using square waves (as opposed to sine waves) in order to take advantage of “heterodyning”, a mathematical technique which enables harmonics of very high frequencies to be created despite the limited frequency range of conventional audio and computer technology.




  Rife frequency 9.7

This is the dominant electromagnetic resonance of the earth. CAFL explains that it acts mainly on ligaments, tendons and fascia.

  Rife frequency 13.5

13.5 Hertz promotes muscle healing. From prominent Rife researcher Bruce Stenulson’s list.


   Rife frequency 15 

Emotional clearing and balancing.      Also used for vertebral disc problems.

 Rife frequency 20

A wide-acting frequency, considered particularly good against parasites.



 Rife frequency 120

This Rife frequency has been used against tetanus

 Rife frequency 465

Implicated in Candida and other infections


Rife frequency 650

Through Theta Healing I have come to see a historical component that seems to be passed down through history to affect us today. Not through our genetics nor the beliefs prevalent as we grew up, perhaps more a mass consciousness effect is the best I can explain it. Clearing at this level (as at any other) is effective at helping and healing. So it was with interest that I read that this Rife frequency (along with other uses) has been associated with the treatment of syphilis, a disabling infection that would have affected ranks of our ancestors over millenia. I'm intrigued by the idea of clearing 'left-over energetic imprints' through the centuries by using Rife essences.


  Rife frequency 654 

Pancreas support. Another Stenulson frequency.

 Rife frequency 660

This Rife frequency has been used in Epstein-Barr infections, thus for glandular fever and fatigue. Also for gonorrhoea ...see comment above for 650.



 The big 4:- 727, 787, 800, 880  Used for a wide range of needs. General purpose frequencies.

  Rife frequency 727

Understood to be the resonant frequency for Staphylococcus, one of the most common bacteria in the general population.

  Rife frequency 787

Re Streptothrix (Actinomycosis). This frequency is said to be the prerequisite for alleviating all fungal problems and indicated in all chronic and autoimmune diseases.



   Rife frequency 800

B Coli (rod form).  Another very common bacteria.

  Rife frequency 880

880 Hertz has been used against Streptococcus bacteria. These are generally present where there is chronic and/or autoimmune disease.




 Rife frequency 1550

Appears to have a wide-ranging effect.

Often used against TB and Herpes.




 Rife frequency 2008

Rife’s BY frequency.

   Rife frequency 2128

Rife’s BX frequency.



  Rife frequency 5000

General healing frequency.

   Rife frequency 10,000

General healing frequency.


For more information about each Rife frequency, please visit http://www.electroherbalism.com/ and particularly the NCFL and CAFL links on the top menu. If you feel a need for a different Rife Essence, one that's not featured here, Eifion could create it for you, please enquire further.


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1.    The Electroherbalism Frequency Lists – Brian MacInturff

2.    The Polarity Research Manual – John Crane

3.    The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy – Nenah Sylver

4.    Vibrational Medicine – Richard Gerber


Message from Carrie:

I used a Rife generator for a time and seemed to be getting good results. Then life changed somewhat and I got out of the habit of using the machine each evening. At that time,  Eifion, (knowing my interest in essences) gave me an essence bottle to hold and see what I could pick up intuitively. I still vividly remember the sensation because it was so different to anything I'd felt before. Normally I get a lot of clairvoyant visualisations, but with this is was as if the essence was fizzing. Strange!  He handed me another. This one had a deep feeling of motion, it seemed to me like I was following a deep current in a large river....not the top, bottom or peripheral flows but a more central current, extremely powerful.  I wanted to know more about these essences! They were Rife frequencies that he'd captured.  He offered me some to take instead of using the machine, and I now take my Rife as essences, finding these far more convenient than using the machine, and am sure they are doing me just as much good. Let's now share this good thing!



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