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I have several stories about how well animals have responded to my essences. Let me some share with you.



Morag, from Scotland wrote asking if any of my 'Just for You' essences could help a cat. I said yes, and asked for more info so that I could intuitively choose a blend for her. Morag wrote: "Mia is a 6 year old Siamese cat who was recently rehomed by my mother after her previous owner became unable to cope with Mia's behaviour because she started urinating in the new baby's cot and eating the baby's nappies. Mia has settled in extremely well with mum and absolutely adores being the primary source of love and attention once more but appears to suffer from separation anxiety whenever mum goes out of the house - even for as little as 10 minutes. Mia will then urinate in mum's chair or eat her bedding, throws etc. I'd really like to minimise Mia's stress whilst providing her with the reassurance that she obviously needs."  I created 'Mia's Own' to help her.


About a month after I sent the essence, Morag wrote again saying:  "Just a wee note to give you some feedback on the essence you created for my mother's cat, Mia. Well, what can I say? She's calm, settled, demanding, manipulative, raucous, loving ...... pretty much everything all self respecting Siamese cats aspire to BE.  The response really has been amazing and the other thing that was quite interesting was the fact that initially Mum used Bachs rescue remedy and Mimulus - both eased Mia's anxiety levels but she continued to pee in her bed, on the chairs .... everywhere but her litter tray. The other thing she did was to growl at any male who happened to cross her path. All of  that behaviour quite literally changed within 3 days of using your essence and yesterday the little madam even spent more time flirting  with my husband than bothering with me!  Thank you so much for your help."  Morag


"Hi,  I was searching on the web for some advice on what to do with one of my dogs and I found your website. I became intrigued as I read along and almost forgot the reason for looking in the first place. My dog is a really beautiful boy. He is a Rhodesian Ridgeback who we rescued from a shelter. The problem is that he is VERY stubborn and terribly overprotective of us. He tends to get very aggressive with other dogs and even though I have taken him to training, he doesn't seem to be improving.  This may sound silly but I believe he needs help for his soul more than help for his manners. Please let me know if you can help me or what you would recommend Also I would really like a consultation with you about him, but I live in Texas so it would have to be by phone. Thanks so much, Amanda"
                       We had the phone session, and I suggested some essences that could be sourced in the USA.  A couple of months later, I emailed to find out how Buckie was. "Great to hear from you. Yes, my  young psycho dog friend is doing a lot better thank you. I haven't managed to track the down the turtle essence but I find that  rescue remedy and some of the Bach flower remedies seem to work well. I think also though that after talking to you I started seeing him in a different light and my approach has changed.  Mandy and Buckie"


Can we add YOUR pet and essence story here?













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