T-shirts available to order: 5 or less if you choose one with wording about Touchwood! State small, medium or large, sorry you must take responsibility for ordering the correct size, they tend to be generous. I wear medium, which I estimate would be large for a size 12, and smallish on a size 16. Extra large is very large indeed (I can wear it over a t-shirt, fleece jumper & coat!!) and costs 1 more. Allow a good month for printing and delivery. UK package and posting 2 for 1, 3 for more (as many as you want).

Customise: choose your own design.  Add your own wording for 2 more! Like the idea, but not these actual pictures? Want an extra special present for someone....a T-shirt with a packet of the seeds that matches? That's OK!  Choose any of my other photos. If I look at the original and find that the photo quality is good enough, then I will design the photo and send you a small copy via email. If you like it, you order it......but it will cost an extra 1.50, or 3 with your own wording. NB, I usually do oval pictures on the T-shirt...but you may decide on a rectangular form, ask at the start please. If YOU supply the photo (I'll let you know the best size to use) then the cost is only 4.

Interested? email me with any questions....as there's no returns available and you want to be sure it's what you want. Why no returns? I order each one individually from the manufacturer......with that stipulation for myself, so I'm just passing on that liability!



This design is called 'McKana, side view'


















      Pink & Apricot McKana                                                         Aquilegia 536             

Note this has writing saying 'Touchwood Aquilegias', and is 50p cheaper







                               Aquilegia 220                           McKana, side view, ie as shown on the T-shirt on the top







        'Sweet Dreams'                                                'Sweet Dreams' with writing, 1 cheaper



                                                                                                                 writing says  aquilegia 'Sweet Dreams    Created by Carrie   the Columbine Queen




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