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Seed from the amazing National Plant Collections® of Aquilegia vulgaris cultivars and Aquilegia hybrids, here in Swansea, from singles, doubles, bicolours, coloured leaves and scented forms. All open-pollinated to enrich your garden with delightful surprises! At least 20 seeds per packet, often many more, especially in mixes. As expected, these seeds are collected from fewer mother plants this year as I need to cut back, but also downy mildew took its toll.  Don't worry, in a way there is MORE CHOICE as some mixes are still available from last year, in double-sized packets. If I run out of the latest harvest, I'll used the older seed mixes to make up your order unless you say differently.

UNHAPPY NEWS:  DOWNY MILDEW, please read: This may be my last ever aquilegia seedlist . Last year, 2014, I had downy mildew of aquilegias infecting many plants the collections. I have no idea whether the collections will survive next year. Downy mildew is a new disease of aquilegias, and has killed many plants already in 2014. I am doing a webpage about it, please follow this link: DOWNY MILDEW OF AQUILEGIAS. It is not known, but not expected, if downy mildew is transferred by seed, as I don't collect seed from DM infected plants. However, if your germinated seedlings look unusual do let me know and send photos. In particular: yellowy, angular patches on the leaves, lighter, whiter leaves or sickly and/or dying seedlings. I’ve never yet seen a seedling infected from the start, but this year I will be sowing seed that actually does have a strong likelihood of carrying spores if that is possible (harvested from infected plant ‘portrait 3’ shown in my DM case history webpage). My sowing of such seed is an experiment to see if seed transmission is possible. Two other research establishments will also be working in different ways with such potentially contaminated seeds. Please consider whether you still wish to buy my seeds, knowing that there is downy mildew here.

You are now on the page listing all the various Aquilegia mixes from Touchwood
There are 3 other aquilegia seedlist pages to visit:

Aquilegia Mixes

All seeds are £2.50 a packet, discounts for 6 packets or more

Black Magic Mix
(from 11  mother plants)

All the 'blackest' ones: singles, doubles, clematis-flowered, 'Black Barlow', 'William Guiness'and it's double form, are all here. Spellbinding!

Resulting plants should not be labelled, for example, 'Touchwood Eventide'or even 'Eventide'as they will be a total mix, of some recognisable named cultivars together with un-named forms.

ALL plants are open pollinated, many have recessive genes. I hope MOST of the offspring will be as the mix describes but you are likely to have a wide range of usual, unusual and desirable other sorts as well.  Have fun! 

Touchwood Black Magic Mix of aquilegias

White Magic Mix 

(from 20 mother plants)

You've guessed it: all the white forms to enlighten your garden. Singles, clematis flowered, long-spurreds and all kinds of doubles including some very special ones.

 'Magically' you can select all the white seedlings at first leaf stage, just discard any with any purple in the petioles, leaving just those with a whitish green stem.
Such selections may also be marbled colours, ie ones with white mixed in with the dominant colour. Note long-spurred sorts and possibly other species white ones may not follow this magical rule.

Touchwood aquilegias 'White Magic' mix

Magical Mayhem Mix 

(from 8-12 mother plants)

Larger sized packets: more seeds.

Last year's seeds so double-sized packets.

 I've made another mistake: when I created my mixes I started putting some black magic mix ones into the white magic mix container. Choose this for a mix from black AND from white parents! I THINK there's about 70-80% white seeds in here.

Choose this and benefit from my mistake!

Aquilegia ex white singles MIXED including unusuals, from 6 parents

Aquilegia white single MIX

Collected from various white-flowered plants including those with a hint of cream or pink (right) to them

Aquilegia white single MIX

Touchwood Elite Mix
(from 40+ mother plants)

And/or choose LAST YEAR'S Elite Mix from over 45 parent types in double-sized packets.

This is the mix you've always longed for, with seed selected from everything in the Touchwood collection, EXCEPT for single, plain pinks or purples (unless scented).

Start your own collection!

Aquilegia Touchwood Elite Mix

Touchwood Supreme Mix

at least 100 parent types in this mix

  And/or choose LAST YEAR'S Supreme Mix of over 100 parent types in double-sized packets.

Anything and everything in this mix!

Touchwood Supreme
Touchwood Supreme Mix of all kinds of aquilegias

Starshine Mix 
(Stellata mix from 16 mother plants)

Do you know these unusual forms?
The flower has become flattened and star-shaped or 'clematis-flowered' Many visitors cannot believe these are granny's bonnets!

Many colours, singles and double clematis flowered.

Aquilegia vulgaris stellata mix from Touchwood seeds

Barlows Mix 
(from 11 mother plants )Aquilegia Rose Barlow

Barlow forms are like spiky pompoms and are actually a full double stellata form. These, too, are ancient forms that have been cultivated for many centuries. Includes Nora, Blue, Black, Purple, Christa, and Rose Barlows

Touchwood Aquilegia Barlows Mix

Aquilegia ex Biedermeier, Mixed

from 6 parents

That's different: upwardly facing flowers on this dwarf mix. No need to tip this chins of these beauties, they gaze up adoringly at you gazing down adoringly on them.

And see Winky Mix, below.
 Photo by Robert Höck.

Aquilegia Biedermeier mix

Aquilegia ex Winky (or similar), Mixed

from 8 parents

Like the Biedermeiers, these have upwardly facing flowers on shorter plants.

Aquilegia Denim & Ice

( Marbled Blue Mix )
(from 18 mother plants)

A selection of marbled or streaky blues and purples colours from Demin (light indigo) to Ice (hint of a tint of blue). Includes named varieties.

Select seedlings with no purpleyness on leaf-stalks, ie just like white ones are.

Touchwood Blushes

Touchwood Blushes
(from over 30 mother plants)Touchwood Blushes


All the pinks, from the palest pearls to the richest crimsons and rubies are all here.Includes singles, all sorts of doubles, bicolours, clematis-flowered, 'Nora Barlow'and 'Rose Barlow'.

And/or choose LAST YEAR'S Blushes Mix of about 80 parent types in double-sized packets.

Marbled Blue Mix

Touchwood Eventide
(from 12 mother plants)Touchwood Eventide


Here we have the blues and purples: the colours of dusk and evening.Singles, varied doubles, bicolours, clematis-flowered and Barlow types.
Unbelievable variety …and some scented ones too!  And/or choose LAST YEAR'S Eventide Mix from 35 parent types in double-sized packets.

Touchwood Eventide mix

Touchwood Fancies
(from over 30 mother plants)

All the many and varied double forms, from white to black, through pinks, clarets, purples and bicoloureds. Pleated, frilly, clematis-flowered, Barlows, feather-dusters. Oh, and variegated foliage ones!
Special and spectacular!  And/or choose LAST YEAR'S Fancies Mix from nearly 100 parent types in double-sized packets.

Do you know when I was a little girl I used to pull the flowers off some of the Granny's Bonnets and stand them up on the grass-suspended over a crossed stick and pretend that they were ladies at a dance, I would imagine that they came alive at night. They were always dead by the next day, but I spent many happy hours. I never had pom pom ones though - I would have been thrilled with those. I will make an order soon. Our seasons are reversed here obviously - do I sow in spring or autumn? I am so happy to have found you!
'Happy gardening, Ellen Rowatt, Australia.

Touchwood Fancies mix

Touchwood 'Crinoline Ladies'

Pompoms mix from 9 parents

Sold out 2015

Touchwood Aquilegia 'Crinoline Ladies' pompoms mix

These cultivars have been grown in cottage gardens for centuries. The best are bicoloured, tight round pompoms. I've also included very full doubles that are pompom shaped when viewed 'face-on'.

Aquilegia flowers have 5 petals. Double forms have 10 around the flower in a circle (whorl), and more whorls of 10 within those. Pompom forms may have 10 x 10 petals, yes, 100 petals instead of 5! The photo, left, shows how these petals are stacked one-inside-the-other so each spur nestles in the spur of another.

Touchwood Aquilegia 'Crinoline Ladies' pompom mix

Touchwood Duets

(from 38 mother plants)

And/or choose LAST YEAR'S Duets Mix from 80 parent types in double-sized packets.

A gorgeous mix of all my many bicoloured flowers. Singles and doubles, beautiful and impressive.
Also now available as seeds from just singles (Delightful Duos) or doubles (Double Delights), see 2 entries below.

Touchwood Duets mix

'Delightful Duos' Mix

(from 18 mother plants)

And/or choose LAST YEAR'S Delightful Duos Mix from 35 parent types in double-sized packets.

Single forms with dramatic bicoloured flowers.

Note, if you want bicoloured long spurred flowers, choose McKana or Dragonfly Mixes.

Touchwood Aquilegia 'Delightful Duos' Mix

Touchwood 'Double Delights'

(from 20 mother plants)

And/or choose LAST YEAR'S Double Delights Mix from 45 parent types in double-sized packets.

Aquilegia seeds from double flowers with two colours.

Touchwood Aquilegia 'Double Delights' mix
Double Delights

Touchwood Harmony Mix

Yellow bicoloured mix
(from 12 parents)

And/or choose LAST YEAR'S Harmony Mix from 25 parent types in double-sized packets.

These are unusual, they are the sorts of colours found in large, long-spurred aquilegias, but these are often only vulgaris-sized blooms.
Some may hold their heads hanging like the vulgaris cultivars, some are small, dainty long-spurred ones, which face outwards. These are hybrids, because of this, you'll be likely to get some very different and unusual offspring from this seed mix.

Touchwood Aquilegia Harmony Mix

Long-Spurred Mix
(from 20 mother plants)


And/or choose LAST YEAR'S Long-spurred Mix from 40 parent types in double-sized packets.

McKanas, Dragonfly, coerulea hybrids, Songbird series, State series, Swan series etc.

Usually these are bicoloured, having either white or yellows as the second colour. The yellow, of course, can be any shade from creamy to orangey.

Touchwood Aquilegia Long-Spurred Mix

ex State Series Mix

 LAST YEAR'S seeds so double-sized packets.

Now, the f1 State Series is (mainly) the f1 Swan Series, but as I'm growing named plants of each Series I'm offering them separately as mixes, so also see below.

For further information, do visit Graham Rice's informative site. 

I've chosen photos from named plants from each of the ranges, however overall they should be interchangeable images, so do look at both pictures to get a good overall idea of them all.

Aquilegia State Series at Touchwood

ex Swan Series Mix


 LAST YEAR'S seeds so double-sized packets.

I'm sure you realise that the seedlings from these will be f2 generation so will show great diversity. If that's what you enjoy then I'm sure you'll be pleased with these.

I have found that colours of offspring may be similar to the parent, but shades may vary, so too the size and shape of flowers, plant height, and definitely its vigour (I find these US Series rather fussy to grow from seed in my garden).

Aquilegia Swan Series at Touchwood

Aquilegia Touchwood

Pharaoh's Treasure

Yellows mix from 8 parents

And/or choose LAST YEAR'S Pharoah's treasures Mix from 23 parent types in double-sized packets.

What a great selection …from all types of yellow singles with a few doubles added for even greater effect.
Most parents were long spurred Aquilegia chrysantha types including blushed yellow ones, some will be smaller flowered or even nodding blooms.

Pharoah's Treasure

Touchwood Glimmers
(from 22 mother plants)

And/or choose LAST YEAR'S Glimmers Mix from 35 parent types in double-sized packets.

A selection of all the pale colours (including white), which stand out so well in the garden.
All sorts of flower forms and bicoloured ones.

Touchwood Glimmers mix

Touchwood Riches
(from 10 mother plants)


All the darkest, deepest, richest colours. From 'black' through ruby and claret and purple and indigo.

Touchwood Riches Aquilegia Mix

Touchwood Simplicity Mix
(from 20 mother plants)

I thought I'd a comprehensive list of mixes …then a gentleman asked me for one from just the elegant, simple single flowers! So here it is!

And/or choose LAST YEAR'S Simplicity Mix from 14 parent types in double-sized packets.

Simplicity Delightful Duos


Fragrant Mix
(6 mother plants)


Sold out 2015


A mix of seed from the fragrant forms in my garden.

Aquilegia fragrant mix from Touchwood

Touchwood Gold
(from 7 mother plants)

Touchwood Gold mix

Giving a long season of interest are these gold-splashed and golden leafed forms.
Easily selected even at seed-leaf stage.


Seed from a wide selection of flower colours and forms, each one will delight both you and your friends.

Aquilegia Touchwood gold mix includes variegated leaved ones.

Aquilegia Touchwood Liliput Lovelies!

Touchwood Aquilegia Liliput Lovelies mix

Dwarf mix ex at least 25 types

I've finally got enough seed to offer to people wanting diminutive plants. These are from tiny species ones up to 'Winky' & 'Spring Magic' heights (12"/30cms).

Ideal for the rock garden, troughs, pots and the front of the border.

Touchwood Aquilegia Liliput Lovelies mix

Rosina's Extra Specials Mix

Includes golden, variegated leaved forms and a HUGE range of flower forms. Do have a go.

And/or choose LAST YEAR'S Rosinas Mix from 35 parent types in double-double-sized packets.

Here's something different, from another keen gardener comes this collection. They are much larger packets of seeds as the viability is a little lower than mine as these are a year old. Rosina has an extraordinary aquilegia collection, and offers me all her 'left over' one year old seeds …BUT ONLY of her extra special forms.

Rosina's Extra Special Aquilegia Mix


Touchwood Lottery Mix

more generous amounts
(from 11 parents)


Each year as I collect seeds from my National Collections I find that there are plants that have lost their labels. Oh dear what could they be?
Earlier, they went into the general mixes but what a waste of what could be extra-specials! Want to take a chance?
There's bound to be winners hence I've called it the Touchwood Lottery Mix!

? ! ?

Note, the unknown plants that I take seeds from change each year, as (hopefully) I re-label the marked missing-label plants when they are next in flower.

Aquilegia ex Spring Magic Mix

(from 6 parents) 12-15" tall, 30-35cms

One of the earliest to flower in the garden. Aquilegia Spring Magic Rose & Ivory syn light red & yellow

Aquilegia Spring Magic Mix at Touchwood

Aquilegia Species Mix

Aquilegia Species Mix

at least ten types

Sorry, none for 2015

I have a few different species of aquilegia in my garden that don't offer enough seed individually to offer to you. I've mixed this seed and added some of the other species found on this webpage, given a stir, made a wish and here they are! Be surprised ….and pleased!

Singles, sometimes bicoloured and all sorts of shapes and sizes.  Note, the photos are for rough guidance only

Mix of species aquilegia from Touchwood Seeds

Connoisseurs' Very Special Mix           from well over 20 parentsAquilegia: Connoisseurs Choice Burgundy & Yellow


Can't choose?
How about this then: Connoisseurs' Choice. Very special mix from many very special, but low yield plants …the mix changes each year and is a marvellous opportunity to discover something very different and beautiful. Note: the photos may not depict actual plants harvested from, but gives an idea of the wealth of unusual forms that it contains. And/or choose LAST YEAR'S Connoisseurs' Very Special Mix from over 50 parent types in double-sized packets.

Touchwood connoisseurs' mix of aquilegias

Aquilegia Touchwood Strewing Mix

HUGE packets that you can grow by scattering directly on the ground where you wish them to flower. Includes Touchwood Supreme mix with current plentifuls, as well as some of last year's spare seeds. Remember, they'll take 1-2 months to germinate.

Aquilegias at Touchwwod in nursery rows 2013

TOUCHWOOD TREASURES:   MIXES from golden doubles

Unique mixes incl. seed from golden bicoloured doubles.

Go on, treat yourself.

Shooting Stars Mix

Yellow doubles from Touchwood
from 7 parents

Yellow doubles mix.

And/or choose LAST YEAR'S Shooting Stars Mix from 10 parent types in double-sized packets.

Aquilegia: Shooting Stars Mix

Dragon's Breath Mix
from 10 parents

Aquilegia Dragon's Breath Mix only by Touchwood

From the land of dragons, comes seed from the remarkable collection of red & yellow doubles at Touchwood. To get an idea of the range of flowers included in this mix, see the ones pictured in the Touchwood Treasures seed page.

And/or choose LAST YEAR'S Dragon's Breath Mix from  22 parent types in double-sized packets.

'Dragon's Breath' Red & yellow double aquilegias, only by Touchwood.

from over 25 parentsTouchwood Aquilegia 'Volcano!' mix

'Volcano!' Mix from fiery shades in the Touchwood Treasures range.
Golden doubles and bicolours with pinks & reds, as well as  apricotty ones.

The photos show what my newer Aquilegia hybrid National Plant Collection is all about.
Spectacular, aren't they? And/or choose LAST YEAR'S Volcano! Mix from over 40 parent types in double-sized packets.

Touchwood Aquilegia 'Volcano!' mix

Touchwood 'Sunrise Surprises'Touchwood Aquilegia 'Sunrise Surprises' mix

Pink & yellow doubles mixed
from 14 parents

Seed from all sorts of pink and yellow doubles including the blushed yellow ones.

And/or choose LAST YEAR'S Sunrise Surprises Mix from 15 parent types in double-sized packets.

Touchwood Aquilegia 'Sunrise Surprises' mix

Touchwood 'Sultan's Glory Mix'

Purple & yellow doubles mix from 5 parent plants.

And/or choose LAST YEAR'S Sultan's Glory Mix from 10 parent types in double-sized packets.


These and the next mix look rather similar. And, yes, it IS difficult to separate some purples from 'blacks', but generally to the eye (rather than camera) in daylight, these are more purple, and 'Night Lights' are darker.

Touchwood Aquilegia purple & yellow doubles mix

Touchwood 'Night Lights'
'Black' & yellow doubles mixed from 4 parent plants

And/or choose LAST YEAR'S Night Lights Mix from 5 parent types in double-sized packets.

Burgundy / black & yellow doubles.

Seed from those closest to black that I can get with yellow accompanying it. Sometimes the yellow fades to creamy with maturity of the individual flower.

Touchwood Aquilegia 'Night Lights' mix

Touchwood 'Black & Bruises!'

'Black' / blue / purple & yellow doubles mixed from 10 parents.

And/or choose LAST YEAR'S Black & Bruises Mix from 15 parent types in double-sized packets.

What beautiful colours bruises go after some days, not just 'black & blue' but rich purples, burgundies and yellows.
I think that the name of this mix (of the 3 above mixes) captures the striking colour effects of old bruises, without having to undergo the original pain!

Touchwood Aquilegia 'Black & Bruises!' mix

I think your website is brilliant, your passion for the plants really comes across and selections are first class. Now I've found you, I'll know where to come again in the future. Kind regards, Mike Brown, Surrey 2011 Oh, your seedlist makes me sick, I have looked through it twice already, but there is absolutely no space for more aquilegias …or is there? What an effort you put into the list! The collection list, starting of with white and getting darker and darker for example, all the text describing all the entries …Susann, Sweden'I wrote earlier that my seed sowing skill is limited 'well, I am really rather pleased. I've ended up with over 20 plants each from the pink, white and black stellata seeds. I've 15 'Green Apple' plants too. Unfortunately, I only got five 'Firewheel'plants, but that's fine because I'm sure the little devils will produce some very interesting babies none-the-less! I'm planning a new border just for my babies! Thank you so much. With very best wishes Julia Alder August 2010 Thanks for the info Julia …very good for me as the Green Apples and Firewheel ones are seeds BUY IN! so the best germination was with my own seeds …probably because they are fresher ones. And now that I know that Firewheel seeds were rather poor germinators I'll be able to put more in a packet next year. Green Apples is my own seed this year. 'You will be pleased to hear that I have supplied most of Birkerød with lovely Touchwood aquilegias. Best wishes, Lise Sonne Rasmussen, Denmark 2012

10 of the best special offer

Leave the choice to me and get 10 packets of aquilegia seeds for £12 INCLUDING UK POST & PACKING (overseas: usual shipping minus £1)
Your selection will include at least one packet of: mix, a stellata form and several different doubles. 10 packets of YOUR OWN CHOICE would normally be 21 including postage. Also available for non-aquilegias.

10 packets from the Aquilegiachatlist £10

Get 10 packets of aquilegia seeds for £10 plus postage/shipping
Your selection will be from the seeds left over from the last autumn Aquilegiachatlist seed exchange. Fresh seed from all over the world! Get something that is a bit different.

Last year's seeds

Let me choose from all my left over last year's seeds, and go for:
LUCKY FIVE £3.50 A lucky dip of 5 packs of last year's seeds TERRIFIC TWENTY £10 or FANTASTIC FORTY 15
Strictly my choice, but I won't include anything that you order at the same time, & you can choose categories you want/don't want from: annuals, biennials, perennials, trees and shrubs, alpines, bulbs, vegetables, climbers, herbs, Aquilegias, Geraniums YES, you can have JUST AQUILEGIAS if you ask. There's postage costs, and you can order this years seeds at the same time.

Requesting your help about names

As you may be aware there is great confusion in the names of Aquilegia cultivars, and as a collection holder I certainly don't wish to add to the problem! One major reason is that Aquilegias from seed may not come 'true'; due both to promiscuous bees but also due to recessive genes (so a plant 'looks' right (eg double blue & white) but has hidden genes (eg for singles, pink, white and 'not bicoloured'!).
Therefore, PLEASE do not name the plant until it has flowered and looks 'true' to its description.
MIXES: Resulting plants should not be labelled, for example, 'Touchwood Eventide' or even 'Eventide' as they will be a total mix, of some recognisable named cultivars together with un-named forms.


Good quality white labels 30 for £1 65 for £2 Plant labelsPlant labelsPlant labels
'Invisible' green labels 20 for £1 45 for £2
'Highly visible' yellow 20 for £1 45 for £2
or mix yellow and green 20 for £1 45 for £2

Label postage:

They are relatively heavy, so, for UK, an extra 50p per 65 (or part thereof)

*Labels posted free with plants-by-post orders

Stabilo Write-4-all permanent marker …£1.50 plus 50p postage (free postage with seed or plant order)


A Guide to Aquilegias: Sowing, growing & breeding

Touchwood DVD guide to growing Aquilegia

Unique DVD / video-guide
to Granny's Bonnets

£14.99 + £2.00 UK p&p

+ free packet of Aquilegia seeds:
you can choose!

I loved your DVD makes me think like I almost KNOW you!! It was very good and informative and your yard is beautiful. Lorna, California

  • 1 packet=£2.50,
  • 2=£5,
  • 3=£7.50,
  • 4=£10,
  • 5=£12.00,
  • 6=£12,
  • 7=£14,
  • 8=£16,
  • 9=18,
  • 10=£20,
  • 11=£22,
  • 12=£24,
  • 13=£26,
  • 14=£28,
  • 15=£30,
  • 16=£30,
  • 17=£30,
  • 18=30,
  • 19=£30,
  • 20=£30,
  • 21=£31.50,
  • 22=£33,
  • 23=£34.50,
  • 24=£36,
  • 25=£337.50,
  • 26=£39,
  • 27=£40.50,
  • 28=£42,
  • 29=£43.50,
  • 30=£45,
  • 31=£46.50,
  • 32=£48,
  • .et cetera!

Yes …if you buy 4 packets, you may as well buy 6; and for anything over 10-12 packets, you will find 20 will offer very good value indeed!.   Don't forget to add any postage costs.
I always get proof of posting so that we can claim in the event of non-delivery. If you want signed-for delivery, it will cost whatever the rate is.

Pay by cheque, bank card or Paypal. Don't forget to add any postage costs. I always get proof of posting so that you can claim in the event of non-delivery.
If you want signed-for delivery, it will cost whatever the rate is. I may insist that large orders have extra insurance for our peace of mind.

Email me * a list of seeds that you'd like, I'll check availability and confirm total costs with you.

PLEASE order in the order that the seeds appear in these lists, if possible, as it halves the time in preparing your order, and means I can find the seeds! Thanks. To make it easy for you, you can just put the acquisition number if you want, eg 608, although the failsafe way (in case you or I get it wrong) would be to put eg 608 pink feather duster.

*Trouble emailing? Some systems aren't compatible with this link. If so, send in your email system by putting carrie.thomas in front of @ntlworld.com to get my email address, else ring 01792-522443.

Solution GraphicsPAYMENT can be by cheque, payable to 'Touchwood Plants'. You may also choose to pay by card,which can ONLY be done through email invoicing and the Paypal secure site. Email me which seeds you want, I'll check availability, let you know total cost, and send an electronic invoice. And, yes, of course you may also use Paypal if you have an account.

OVERSEAS I am pleased to post ANYWHERE in the world. However, please will you check (online search for your customs) that what you order is ALLOWED by your customs, otherwise the seeds may be seized & destroyed. I cannot check each and every nation's rules myself, so I must leave it as your responsibility, as you will be the one who loses out if anything doesn't get through. It is easy to check that you comply rather than shed tears at any losses. For my part, I am willing to do any extra work necessary for your customs' requirements, and not charge you anything extra. eg, Norway ONLY allows 50 packets of seeds in at a time. Info about US is really good at NARGS

GUARANTEE I fully expect you to enjoy a good germination from my seeds. If that is not the case, please let me know, for either information and advice, replacement seed or a credit note. But when you do get good results …please tell your friends and let them benefit from good seed of cottage garden, rare and unusual plants at a brilliant price!!

Touchwood seeds: fully automated seed packeting system
Pouring Touchwood Aquilegia seedsCounting Touchwood Aquilegia seedsPacking Touchwood Aquilegia seeds

Stop Press November 2011:
training sessions of the next generation of machines commence

Most of Touchwood's seed is grown,
harvested & packeted here in Wales
Welsh flag

Seeds arrived quickly and in good condition. Thank you The aquilegia seeds I bought from you at Gardeners' World Live last year are now coming up in seed trays in my green house, and as I am relatively new to gardening it's very exciting! Everything is looking amazing, plants out and growing madly, seeds up and on the go--just fabulous thank you Congratulations on an outstanding catalogue - your seeds have superb germination. I find only Plant World comes near to you! This year my seeds germinated so well that I may end up digging up part of my lawn! Ian Miller, Galashiels Venditrice precisa e veloce. Ottima transazione!!! Immer wieder gerne. Super gelaufen! Alles super gelaufen. Danke Bin sehr zufrieden! Danke f'r die Zugabe The seeds you sent me earlier have all germinated. I shall have some to give away. Thanks, I shall recommend you to all my friends. Jan Etchells